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Sex is like “Love” it makes the world go round. Unlike love which is often displayed in public, by emotional outbursts, suggested physical gestures and sweet sounding words, “open” sex has not yet arrived at that place. Imagine what would happen if everyone were allowed to fulfill their sexual desires in public, with no restraints. Not to worry, the dogs have this covered already.

With that being said, good sex can drive your mate insane. Imagine having sex on the table inside a restaurant and everyone is watching. How many people will want to participate, and how many people will faint from sheer shock. Not to mention how many people would be knocking on your door, for a late night “booty call.”

Here are at least 3 reasons why sex has to be done in private;

Pubic Sex Will Give Your Kids Nightmares

If your kids see you having sex, they will have nightmares for the rest of their lives. It is difficult for some children to imagine their parents having sex; even if it is with “Dad.” For unsuspecting children who don’t know what’s happening, they might call 9-1-1 and report, “My dad is on top of my mom and she is gasping for air.” How are they to know that those grasps for air are really hard to understand words for, “Give me more.”

Your Mother in Law Will Have a Nervous Breakdown

Your mother in law seeing you having sex, would most definitely drive her insane. Not only has she been living in your home, eating your food, and undermining your authority, now she has seen what you are packing, and it’s not a pickle. Now she finally understands that the noise from the bedroom are not from your physical beating her daughter. You are spanking her in a way that is too graphic to share.

Cruelty to Inflict too Much Human Pleasure is a crime

Good sex is criminal to people who can’t get any. Let’s face it; everybody is not getting good sex. Heck, they’re not getting any sex. You could go to someone’s house, ring the house bell, invite them to the park or to their driveway, and have great sex on the lawn. The neighbors would probably pay you to perform this act every day. Your lawn will be filled with bystanders, cameras, squatters, Nymphomaniacs, perverts, and all the dogs who want to know how to do it just right.