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Glass DildoA single glance at glass sex toys may cause people to wonder why anyone would want to incorporate these items into their foreplay/sexual activity. Glass sex toys appear cold, impersonal, and potentially dangerous, but there are a number of very good and valid reasons why people like these types of sex toys.

Sex toys made out of medical grade borosilicate and are the preferred sex toy of choice for many people. Reasons for choosing this type of sex toy over other types, including plastic or silicone, range from its ability to transmit and retain heat in a natural way to the easy of cleaning the toy after use.

The following are some of the most popular reasons people are choosing to use glass sex toys.

A New Unique Sensation

People looking to explore new, unique sensations during foreplay or sexual activity will find glass sex toys helpful. The smooth, non-porous material used to make the sex toy creates a very unique sensation – it is cool, yet occasionally warm and very smooth. Many people find the unique sensations created by a glass sex toy to be extremely arousing.

Enhance Sexual Activity with Choice of Hot or Cold Temperatures

One of the most popular reasons people choose glass sex toys is because they have the ability to choose between hot or cold temperatures. Many people find extreme hot or cold temperatures enhance sexual activity. Unfortunately, some sex toys only allow hot or cold, but not glass sex toys.

Glass sex toys can be heated up using warm water or cooled down in the freezer or fridge. This makes them extremely diverse and allows individuals to customize their sexual with hot/cold without having to purchase multiple toys.

Easy to Clean Up

The non-porous surface on glass sex toys is extremely easy to clean up after use. All it takes is a little warm water and mild soap, and the toy is clean and ready to be used again.

In addition to the ability to quickly and easily clean up the sex toy after use, glass sex toys are safe from potential bacteria growth. Some sex toys have extremely porous surfaces, which makes them perfect breeding grounds for the growth of bacteria. The smooth, non-porous surface of glass sex toys keeps people safe by eliminating the potential for bacteria to grow.

Warm, Natural Feel

Many people assume glass sex toys are cold and impersonal, but they are actually warm. The type of glass that is used for sex toys has the ability to slowly warm up over time. Once the glass sex toy has warmed up, it has the unique ability to retain that heat for a period of time.

This gradual warm up time is very similar to what happens during sexual activity. Many people find the gradual warm up period to be very arousing.

There are just some of the many reasons why people are choosing to incorporate glass sex toys into their foreplay or sexual activity.