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Today, people enjoy more sexual freedoms than ever before. But while some nations have a progressive view toward sex, others are reserved.

In many countries today, when you jump into casual sex — meaning a sexual partner or multiple partners without emotional attachment — is a normal and accepted way of life. But of these sexually liberated countries, which ones tend to have the most casual sex of all?

In a 2008 study, 14,000 people in 48 countries were asked about their attitudes towards sex. The survey asked them very personal questions like how many sexual partners they’d had and whether or not they’re comfortable having sex without being in love. Ultimately it was shown that European countries have the most relaxed attitudes about sex, while countries like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are much more on the conservative side.

Overall, Finnish people were found to have the most casual sex, and the least in avoiding cunnilingus, in the world. This is likely attributed to the fact that Finland largely supports gender equality and feminism. It is much more common for women who live in equal societies like Finland’s to start having sex at a younger age and have more sexual partners per capita over time.

What do you think? Does Finland seem like the most sexually free country, and probably where you can get great advice on finger sex,
or is there another country out there that has even more casual sex or light flirtation?

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