What should I do if I can’t get in for the first time?

Recently, I have contacted many consultants, and they asked about the first time, combined with the case of many people, and summarized a situation, that is, can’t get in for the first time?

Today, I would like to share with you the reasons why you could not enter for the first time in popular science:

Don’t know the location

Many men have no experience in sexual life and do not understand the structure of women’s genitals very clearly. Some men are too nervous and fear that they will end prematurely, so they rush to find a position.

Solution: (1) Before the first time, find some pictures of female genitals or observe it in practice to see where the position is.

(2) Men masturbate once two hours or half a day in advance, so as to reduce the fear of ending early due to stimulation. Reduce the mental tension of men at that time.

Girls are afraid of pain

For the first time, it is somewhat painful for women. The degree of pain is directly related to the excitement of women’s body. The vagina will expand when excited, and contract when it is tense. For the first time, because of the hymen, when the male penis touches it, the female will feel pain. At this time, most men will choose to pause. Eventually, it was impossible to get in for the first time.

Solution: (1) The male foreplay must be done well to make the female body excited. This can expand the female genitals and reduce the pain when entering.

(2) Give psychological comfort. Because it is the first time for many women, their hearts are also tense. Adding to the fact that listening to “others say” is very painful the first time, and psychologically will inevitably be scared, so men should be safe enough at this time Sense, let the other party feel at ease.

(3) The use of lubricating fluid can not only relieve the pain caused by dryness, but also can be used for the first time. The cooling effect can also relieve the pain when men enter.

Fear of sexual intercourse

The main reason for this is also the fear of pain, but this is a psychological reason. Women are afraid of causing vaginismus, and boys can’t get in. Women often show fear, and their legs will tighten unconsciously, and some even physically. Shaking, a bit more serious will push the male closer.

Solution: (1) Find out what caused her fear, have had a bad sexual experience, or because of lack of sexual knowledge and fear of unknown things.

(2) Do relaxation training and desensitization training. This is currently one of the safer and effective treatments. There is also the use of a vaginal dilator, which may cause damage to the vaginal wall if used improperly.

(3) Find a sexual psychology instructor, such as Miss Xiaoli, to help you guide analysis and help women get out of psychological barriers. Contribute to the success of sexual intercourse.

(4) Men must have strong patience in this process and give women support and understanding.

Men are too soft

This situation is mainly due to the long delay in the previous time for men or the state of men who are prone to weakness, which leads to the first time they can’t get in.

Solution: (1) If it is because the foreplay is long and the male becomes softer, at this time the male can ask the female to help stimulate, and wait until the hardness reaches the level before entering.

(2) If men themselves are prone to weakness, find the cause of weakness, whether it is pathological or psychological, and then solve it in a targeted manner.

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