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You have written off all sex forms that do not have to do with being in a missionary position. Did you know, though, that there is more to the act that relaxing in bed and letting him, or her, work on you? You can take on various positions during sex that is no doubt exciting. There is also a thing called electrosex. “What is that,” you may ask. Read on to find out!

What is electrosex?

Electrosex is, essentially, a sexual pleasure that focuses on stimulating the nerves in your private area for the ultimate experience. Instead of your partner placing attention on entering you and becoming one, he takes the time to discover what makes you tingle. Some men and women engage in electrosex by simply tickling their partner’s private area. Other sex lovers buy toys focused on electrosex.

Why electrosex?

Perhaps you are one of those people who believe that any and everything goes these days. “They’ll make up anything,” you may say. You should be aware that electrosex has been around for a while and has even been used in the medical field.

Electrostimulation, from which electrosex is derived, is often used to rebuild muscles or to treat chronic pain. If it’s good enough for the doctors, then it should be good enough for you in bed!

How do you do this “electrosex”?

The first step to electrosex is really finding the right toys. You cannot get the full pleasure out of the act by only using your hands. You should understand your body well enough to know what hurts and what feels good. It is important to note that the purpose of electrosex is for you to feel good. You should stop and reposition yourself if pain becomes a part of the routine.

Can you orgasm with electrosex?

You can absolutely orgasm while engaging in electrosex. In fact, the likelihood of you reaching the climax is greater with these types of pleasure sessions because you are focused on the nerves that bring about orgasms. It is important to note that electrosex requires a level of relaxation in order for you to truly benefit.
Do not focus on trying to get to the orgasm state, but rather place your attention on how good the stimulation feels. When the orgasm comes, do not tense up but rather remain calm and just let it happen.

Sex has many faces

There is nothing wrong with the missionary pose. You are, however, truly missing out on all that there is to love if you equate sex with one having only one formula. There is much to learn about the act. Electrosex is just the latest of many discoveries.