What are the sex positions of sex dolls

In reality the doll is a sex toy that is simply used as a masturbation assistant to become a true love partner.Sex dollscome in various shapes and sizes, from the entire body to the anatomically correct face, from the face to the torso. However, silicone sex dollsare not sex robots designed for more complex interactions.

According to their purpose, silicone dolls can make you feel the sexual connection with real people and help you reach orgasm. There are dolls in real life. They have an internal skeleton that can be adjusted to different positions for sexual stimulation. Although a sex doll can be a magical toy that can enhance your sexual experience and bring you a stronger orgasm, you should know that it is better to have sex with a sex doll. So if you just bought your first character and are happy to have sex with her, your experience will be sexier and more magical. Here are the 6 best websites, we recommend using sex dolls,

For many years, this gender stance has been a very popular situation for couples. In this position, you let your sex doll stand behind her charming. Hold the sex doll from behind and stand near the bed or table. The sex doll leans on the surface of the table or bed, but still stands. The face of the sex doll should touch the surface of the bed, and the elbow should be at the waist. The curved position can be very sexy and allows insertion into the anus or vagina or a combination of both. You can also wear a pair of sexy high heels on the sex doll to make her sexier, make her sexy but sexy, and make her fuck off.

The advantages and disadvantages of the room + inside and outside + super power amplifier can increase your enjoyment or even more, depending on the object you tilt. Try sofas, beds, chairs and pillows. Make sure there is no wear to protect the soft silicone or TPE skin of the big breasted doll-more uncomfortable than a mattress-after a while, it will hurt and scratch the doll’s knees. So take extra precautions.

Sex doll

If you are one of the people who like to have your partner stand on the wall and enter from behind, you can also use this position with your tpe doll. Let her stand in the corner of the room, facing out, which means she should be in front of you, and you should hold her from behind. The corner of the room is probably the best place, because the walls will provide the necessary support for standing upright. Keep your wrists and arms against the wall to maintain balance. Lift one of his legs and you are ready to accept his heart.

Difficulty: In the middle, that is, this is not your first cowboy table (oh, how about you?)

Advantages and disadvantages of amplifiers + Gender adjustment in the shower, balcony or anywhere else. + Ideal for deep penetration: If the height of your wrist is very different from that of your wrist, you may feel embarrassed or difficult. If the doll is bigger than you, just open the legs so that the legs are wide enough to penetrate.

The spoon is the most intimate sexual position ever. If you want to have sex with your breast doll in bed, or you are looking for a more intimate position, the spoon position is very effective for you and your sex doll. Put the doll next to you and your arms will bend forward because she is your spoon. Bend your legs at a 45-degree angle to support your body. Lift your thigh and enter the hole you want. The spoon position provides the hottest and smoothest penetration.

The advantages and disadvantages of the power amplifier + suitable for heavier WM Doll, because you don’t need to use them in awkward positions + very suitable for body temperature. Because you are very close to your wrist, the heat of your body will warm it and make sex more real. -When you have sex, you can’t see her beautiful eyes or kiss her mouth.

Of course, if you want a very sexy pleasure, how do you save the doggy style? Place the doll on the surface of the bed, bend and face down. The arms of the sex doll should be slightly raised to balance the body position. Place the legs of the TPE doll lightly on the back balance to prevent the doll from falling off. Enter from behind and pump or smooth as needed. If you like violent sex, then the dog bit will give you an extra reward, that is, you can play your sex doll as a partner. Take care to protect the female doll’sknees from being scratched, and place it in a neutral position after completion to avoid long-term damage.

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