What are Double Dildos? – Sexdollformen

If you’re looking to bump booties with your partner or just see how deep you can go, then double dildos are the sex toy for you!

There are few sex toys that look as outrageous or impressive as double-ended dildos. These specialized sex toys are basically two dildos fused together with the penetration-friendly tip at both ends. The average double dildo measures anywhere from 10 to 16 inches long from tip to tip. If that’s not big enough to impress you, you can easily find some that measure 2 feet long or more! These specialized sex toys are made from soft and flexible materials like TPE or TPR, allowing double-headed dildos to bend easily for a comfortable fit no matter how deep you take them!

Using Double Dildos

Double-ended dildos originally started out as sex toys for lesbians. Each woman could insert one end while grinding their lady bits together in the middle. Lesbian couples often used double dildos as strapless strap ons as well. One partner would insert one end of the gigantic dildo in her vagina or mouth while using the other end on her partner. Nowadays, gay and straight couples use double-ended dildos for joint anal stimulation. While double dildos lack the safety features found on most anal toys, their sheer size makes them easy to retrieve.

While double-sided dildos are intended primarily for partners to use together, they can also be used for a little solo fun. Their sheer size makes double dildos especially popular among people who want to test their limits. You can use a double-tipped dildo for deep penetration and find out just how much you can handle. Or you could bend it in half and fill yourself up with both ends at the same time!

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