To Make All TPE Real Sex Dolls Flow To The Deepest

I made sure that she was positioned in such a way that I didn’t have to move my arm’s position before waiting for time to heal for at least 24 hours (or longer), and then had time to do more. When I fill my tears, I will do my best to be as cautious and patient as possible. In order to begin to shed tears, I had to open my real sex doll arm a little more. With the tip of a soldering iron, make sure that I melted the debris removed from the neck and gently brushed the inside of the tears so that the debris on the neck could be fully bonded.

I decided to close my arm in most cases so that I could see any anomalies. Indeed, I was able to capture and eliminate foam, which was disturbing because I wanted things to be airtight, but maybe my expectations were too high, and a few hours later, I tested the elasticity of the patchwork. It doesn’t seem to be that strong … as I suspect.

There are simply too many airbags that can’t hold everything together firmly, but I believe it can be solved. I may need to go there again, but I really don’t want to take any TPE from my neck anymore. I don’t even need it, but to make all TPE real sex dolls flow to the deepest to ensure that everything is solid will be very challenging and time consuming. Although not discouraged. I was thinking that I would have to reprocess all the TPE that fell off my neck.

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