The moral controversy caused by transgender sex dolls


With the development of technology nowadays, having a transgender sex doll is not a shameful thing. Many people discuss sex as an open topic. Some people will also openly exchange their sexual feelings of using dolls and discuss some of the special sex toys of Shixing. Therefore, the development of the sex product industry is becoming more and more mature, the development of new products continues to appear, and people find that many novel products are appearing insight.

In recent years, high-quality sex dolls have won praise from many users, and many people marveled at the experience of using sex dolls. It can be found that sex dolls can have different body shapes and appearance characteristics regardless of tall, short, thin and hairstyle, skin color, she can customize different dolls according to your preferences, and all your desires can be realized in these companies. A company based in California even began to consider creating a brand new transgender sex robot.


The moral controversy caused by transgender sex dolls 

What is a transgender doll

Gender is never the only way for others to define us. There are also many transgender people around us. Many transgender people on the Internet are very frank. They are not ashamed, because this is human instinct, and this is also a social phenomenon. Transgender people are dissatisfied with their native gender, originally a female, but she wants to be a male.

So she went for surgery and had male reproductive gender characteristics. So she has two sets of reproductive organs and also has two sets of gender characteristics. Transgender people have both male and female characteristics. We can see that they have both male reproductive organs and female breasts. It is a strange and beautiful combination. This gender contradiction reflects a difference. Such beauty is hard to refuse. I want to explore the mystery.

Transgender sex dolls are also modeled after transgender people and have been optimized and upgraded. Since transgender surgery requires a lot of pain, the wound is always not ideal after recovery. So transgender sex dolls are very exquisite, and any detail on their body is perfect, carefully carved by the most skilled craftsmen, perfect as an angel.

The moral controversy caused by transgender sex dolls 

What can transgender dolls do

Transgender dolls have many functions. They are just like ordinary sex dolls. Transgender dolls can do what ordinary sex dolls can do. And the functions of transgender dolls are more diverse, and their penis can be disassembled. When you want to use a sex doll as a female, you only need to remove their removable penis, so that you can’t see the trace of their original penis.

If you want to use her as a transgender, you only need to install the penis of the doll, and the doll will have two sets of organs in an instant so that you can quickly meet the sexual fantasies and have a transgender doll dedicated to you.

In reality, transgender people still belong to a relatively small group of people, and you want to pursue a transgender object that is not a simple matter. So to satisfy your desires, you have to find some alternatives on the Internet. That is simply a magical thing, you will have a transgender partner!

And couples can use transgender sex doll together when you are bored with the sex life between your couples and want to find new excitement. You are facing the same people and doing the same things every day, and you will inevitably feel bored. You are facing the same people and doing the same things every day, and you will inevitably feel bored. Some new stimuli will help you strengthen each other’s emotions. But it is always strange to invite another partner to lie on your common bed. The triangular relationship is the most stable, but when used in interpersonal relationships, the triangular relationship is often the most unstable. Just like the story between jade and a couple in “The Deadly Woman”, there is a killing accident if you are not careful.


The moral controversy caused by transgender sex dolls 

What can couples do with sex dolls? In fact, transgender sex dolls are the best mediator between couples. You don’t have to worry about the involvement of a third party to affect your relationship, because the third party is just a toy that can’t speak. At the same time, your partner can enjoy this sex doll at the same time. Imagine that you are in front of the trans sex doll, and your partner is behind the trans sex doll, and you hug each other. What a miraculous thing this is, and with the addition of a third person, you can play more games.


Controversy over the development of transgender sex dolls

As early as a few years ago, this sex doll manufacturer called Realbotix has stirred up controversy, people worry that the development of sex and technology will affect the intimate relationship between people. The sex robots produced by the company have artificial intelligence technology and customized personalities, and they can also imitate human conversations.

Guile Lindroth, ahead of Realbotix, said they are planning to develop a “transgender” sex robot. “We think this market is not only for transgender people but also for people with any other sexual preferences,” Guile Lindroth said in an interview with the sun.

 The moral controversy caused by transgender sex dolls


Kristen Burns is a transgender human rights activist. She said that this kind of doll not only hurts the concept of “she male”, but also has no similarities with “daily transgender people.” Burns also added that these dolls reinforce the notion that trans women are sexual objects.

A person’s gender identity is based on personal psychological cognition of social concepts such as masculinity and femininity. Therefore, both “men” and “women” are gender identities. On the other hand, “sex” is a classification of whether a person belongs to a man or a woman, which is consistent with our inherent anatomical features. For example, the doctor will tell parents based on the newborn’s reproductive organs whether they have a boy or a girl. Most people will assume that a person with a penis grows up to be a man, but this is not always the case.


The moral controversy caused by transgender sex dolls 

Some people may be considered transgender because their gender identity expression does not match their gender at birth. These people are only psychologically transgender, and in reality, they still maintain their original single-gender. Those who cannot be defined solely by men or women may choose to use “non-binary” or “genderqueer” to describe their gender identity. From this perspective, a robot cannot be transgender. Because no matter how perfect their programs are, robots cannot have identity awareness or self-awareness like humans. Moreover, if the sex robot has such awareness, we may face more troubles.

All existence has its necessity. It must be that there is a certain need in society before transgender dolls are developed. And the research and development of every new thing will definitely go through a period of controversy. This is commonplace, and you don’t need to feel too nervous. Transgender dolls meet our diverse needs, which makes us very surprised, the development of history is always moving forward. Only by experiencing it personally can you be more qualified to comment on one thing. Transgender sex dolls will help us understand the industry better, and we will also get more extreme experiences on transgender sex dolls.

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