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Lube is the one sex accessory that some people feel subconscious about. You know that you need the wetness to help you reach new heights, yet you sometimes feel embarrassed or nervous to invest. Some people do not want the store clerk to know that they are buying lubricant to spice up their sex lives. Other folks are outright confused as to which solution works best for their skin and situation. Here is a quick guide to help you find the right wet assistance.


  1. Silicone Lubes

These accessories are probably the least irritating among the four types of lubricants. Silicone-based solutions are hypoallergenic and do not become one with your skin. You may also be thrilled to learn that they do not dry out and remain on your skin when you engage in a bit of shower sex. What’s not to love about this lube? Avoid using these lubes with your silicone toys.

  1. Water-based Solutions

Water-based lubes are considered the most versatile because of their ability to be used in practically any scenario. You can apply these sorts of lube right before having unprotected sex. There is also the option of using water-based formulas with a condom, which makes the experience that much more fearless.

  1. Oil-based Lube

Perhaps one of the more mature types of lubricants are those based in oil. The good news about these solutions is that there is no need for constant re-application. Choose these formulas wisely and do not use these lube with real feel and plastic toys.

  1. Natural Lubes

Those who follow the ways of eco-friendliness may prefer natural lubes such as coconut oil or aloe vera over other types of solutions. You should be sure to keep these type of formulas exclusive for sex to avoid cross-contamination. Do not use the same coconut oil for sex that you would use to oil your hair.


How to choose

In many respects, the right lube will depend on your body. Individuals with highly sensitive skin may not find oil-based solutions pleasurable. Meanwhile, the overall feel of silicone lubricants may not turn you on in the same manner that water-based solutions send you to the moon. You should try a few lubricant types until you find the formula that best fits your lifestyle.

Lube is a part of sex just as much as masturbation. You have not experienced all that there is to pleasure until you have added a bit of exterior wetness to the mix. So choose the right lube and get to hitting all the right spots for the pleasurable experience of a lifetime.