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My wife Michelle and I have been married for almost five years now and the first three years were the most amazing time of my life. We used to make love in every room and on every piece of furniture in the house until our daughter was conceived. Even after our child was born, Michelle’s libido was still virtually non-existent and we just about stopped having sex altogether. The frustration I felt as a young, virile, unfulfilled man nearly tore our family apart.

Sex Toys to the Rescue

I had tried many times to convince Michelle to try marital aids but she’s very conservative so she always refused. I was looking at toys online anyway when I came across a pair of vibrating panties. They were very inconspicuous and, featured a small, inconspicuous pocket outside of the panties for a vibrating bullet. I put all of Michelle’s underwear in the laundry accept for the special pair. They looked so normal that she didn’t even notice they weren’t her normal pair of pink panties. Before she put on her dress, I came over to her like I was going to initiate sex but I was really placing the bullet into the pocket. She pushed me away and began to get ready for work. She slid her dress over her head and I decided to push the button. Instantly, Michelle began to inhale across her teeth, making that very sexy hissing sound. I could hardly believe my eyes when she leaned against the dresser and began to moan. I simply pushed a button and she began to moan and rub her thighs together, gyrating her hips and licking her lips.

Playing Hooky and Making Whoopee

We didn’t go to work at all that day, opting to make love the entire day through instead. I can honestly say the vibrating panties saved our marriage, so we ordered a few more pairs.

A few weeks later, Michelle’s mother and her three sisters stopped by unexpectedly. I guess Michelle forgot which pair of panties she had on but I didn’t. As we sat and talked, I reached into my pocket and began to stimulate Michelle. She opened her eyes really wide as if to say “you can’t be serious.” I stopped for a while and then continued to hold down the pleasure button. She promptly stood up in the middle of one of her mother’s boring stories, walked over to me and took me by the arm. She pulled me into the guest bedroom for what I thought would be thorough admonishment for my actions. Instead, she pushed me onto the floor and hiked up her skirt. Before I could reply, she straddled me, taking my throbbing manhood deep inside her. She passionately swayed her hips back and forth as she pulled my hair and jabbed her tongue deep into my ear canal. She was moaning very loudly.

When we climaxed together, we straightened ourselves up and returned to the living room. Fortunately, my mother and sisters-in-law were gone. I know they had to hear Michelle groaning in pure ecstasy but who cares. The passion is back in our relationship and we’ve never been closer.

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