The difference between sex dolls and real women

Are you confused because you can’t find your real girlfriend? Are you tired of women ’s chattering and unreasonable accusations? Are you tired of your girlfriend ’s moody mood? Are you tired of dealing with the unreasonable demands and accusations of real women? You may want to find some realistic sex doll to replace, but worry that the dolls cannot give you the real feeling like real women, and cannot fill the inner empty emotion. So now let ’s take a look at the difference between sex dolls and real women.

Spend energy and money

When you choose to develop a real love relationship with a woman, she will give you spiritual thoughtfulness, will cook and wash clothes for you, and form a family with you at the same time, serving you a bowl when you feel tired hot chicken soup. But you usually have to pay a considerable amount of effort, occupying most of your time, whether it is early or late, you need to continue to invest money in female friends to maintain this relationship, you often buy expensive gifts for girlfriends, these costs make you continue to save your expenses. In addition, you need to expend countless energy to please your girlfriend. You may feel exhausted and depressed for a grumpy girlfriend. You often have to face a series of complex issues, such as whether to choose to marry and how to keep the relationship with the other party’s parents, or the child’s education problems, these problems will often make you dazzled, doubting whether your decision to choose a real woman is correct.The difference between sex dolls and real women

But you don’t need to invest too much energy on realistic sex dolls, you only need to spend a sum of money to buy sex dolls in the early stage, and spend a small amount of money for maintenance and repair in the later stage, or you can also meet your new needs spend some additional money, such as buying new clothes for the doll, buying cosmetics or other sex toys to meet your sex needs, and bringing you a better experience. These costs are all controllable by yourself. What you spend on the doll for less than the cost of real women. In addition, you don’t need to spend other money to pay, you can fully enjoy your exclusive doll, she will not keep complaining, will not disturb you while you are playing games or watching TV, nor will she make any unreasonable demands, you don’t have to face the future, you only need to enjoy the moment of happiness, you don’t have to worry that she will get pregnant unexpectedly during the process of making love, and then increase the cost of abortion or childbirth. You can feel at ease with her, as long as you have needs, she can meet you anytime, anywhere, without any additional conditions, she will not occupy most of your lifetime and space, as long as you have no needs for her, you can put her aside, or store it, she will not disturb you, you can concentrate on doing your own things.

The difference between sex dolls and real women

Sexual needs

Your girlfriend cannot meet your needs in time. She may be bored because you always want to have sex and refuse to satisfy some of your special sexual habits. You may have to take many actions to please your girlfriend, make her happy, warm-up, and finally agree to bend your knees to meet your sex requirements. If you have a hobby, for example, you like maid costumes, and hope that your girlfriend can play the role of a maid to meet your fantasy, obviously, this possibility is very low. Because your girlfriend will directly refuse your request.

When your lust rises, you need to vent, and the doll will not refuse your needs. She will wait for you quietly and cooperate with you. You can add any element you like to the doll if you like hobbies such as binding, stockings, sm, and wax drop, but when your girlfriend doesn’t like it, the doll can play a good role, she will continue to flow to meet your sexual needs, as long as you ask, she will not refuse.

Perfect lover

The difference between sex dolls and real women

You may have a dreaming lover, she has a perfect face and a devil’s figure, but usually, your realistic girlfriend is largely unable to perfectly meet your sexual illusions. Some parts are unsatisfactory. For example, you like girls with big breasts and thin waists. In reality, women may only meet one of their characteristics. Or your hobby is a two-dimensional doll in anime, and you cannot find a corresponding substitute in reality, and women in reality often cannot restore the appearance of the two-dimensional doll. For example, a male Mr. Nakajima in Japan, he likes anime very much, collected a lot of anime hand-made, and also collected a series of peripheral products. Japanese anime character with eyes. Therefore, he is difficult to find a girl who meets this requirement in reality. He cannot have a perfect lover and finally chooses to be single and immersed in his anime world.

Most physical dolls use ultra-realistic silicone \ TPE materials. These dolls highly simulate the touch of real people, which greatly restores the real skin, making you feel that you are touching the soft and elastic skin of real women. In addition, the dolls also adopt the latest built-in skeleton, uses advanced metal joints, can rotate flexibly, you can take any pose to have sex, and she will not have any complaints about your rude behavior. Some sex lovers want dolls to be as perfect as possible. However, women, in reality, are not always perfect. They can indirectly realize their fantasy of perfect women by buying a realistic and high-quality sex doll.

In addition, sex dolls also have services that can be customized. The fantasy lover in each male’s heart is different. All the doll producer needs to do is to help you truly restore your dream lover. You can customize her head or body. You are free to choose the color or hairstyle of her hair, you can also choose breast size, three-dimensional features, the size of private parts and so on, they will be completely made according to your needs. If you have special preferences for certain positions of women, then you are absolutely right. You can customize your exclusive doll according to different-sex habits, if you like big tits, you can customize big tits sex dolls, If you like dolls with small feet, you can customize them. All the configuration of the doll is born for your aesthetic. She is like an artwork. Experienced designers and craftsmen will restore the doll with a high degree of similarity to your dream lover, and you will eventually be surprised The authenticity of the doll, and she will not refuse you, you do not need to spend a long time to please her, as long as you want, she will satisfy you.


In reality, your girlfriend is an individual with independent emotions, she has her own choice, can think independently, choose to accept you, or abandon you, betray you. Have you ever thought that your girlfriend might be unfaithful to you? Do you have personal feelings with other men? Will she be ambiguous by carrying you and other men teasing? These are all issues that you need to worry about, but you dare not directly question your girlfriend, and she will not answer your questions honestly.

Sex dolls are often not limited to sex partners, in addition to sex, she will also accompany and care for you like your wife in other ways. The sex doll will be unconditionally loyal to you, you will be her only owner, you will always have the right to choose, unless you abandon her, she will never go to other places. You don’t have to worry that she will betray, she will always be loyal and adore you, she will be your best listener, she can listen to the troubles in your life, keep smiling forever, you can confide your heart, relieve the pressure and The distress generated in reality eliminates the frustration experienced in reality by talking to the doll. At the same time, you can get a more pleasant experience, she can also provide you with physical relief, at the moment of the release of sexual needs for your body and mind to get the ultimate sensory and psychological experience.

The difference between sex dolls and real women

Sex dolls and real women have their own advantages and disadvantages. Real women can bring you more realism, respond to your emotional messages in time, and can care for you in time. Sex dolls can be absolutely loyal to you, solve your needs at any time, and there will be no complaints. The key is what do you really want? Buying a female sex doll is not a shameful thing. You must face your heart and your needs. Don’t force yourself to cater to a lover you don’t like. If you feel unhappy in real women, why not try sex dolls?

The difference between sex dolls and real women

The dolls we provide adopt advanced production technology and are made of excellent materials on the market. At the same time, we have experienced craftsmen. After their creation, our dolls will show beautiful faces and perfect body curves. The experience a female sex doll brought will bring you more than real women, if you want to try a new doll, please contact us, we provide guidance and products specifically for novices, welcome to buy.

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