The cutest AV actress in history! ? About Momokani Erika

Do you know the legendary AV actress who debuted in 2013 and retired after less than one year of activity? Her name is “Erika Momotani”. With an idol-like cute appearance, it is also described by the AV industry as “the most beautiful AV actress in history.” However, there were not many short acting works during the event, and unexpectedly no one knew about it. So today I’m going to introduce the legendary AV actress “Erika Momotani”! There are wonderful videos behind, please be sure to see the end!

About Momokani Erika

About Momokani Erika

  • Birthday: June 15, 1994
  • Birthplace: Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Measurements: B: 84cm (C), W56cm, H82cm
  • Number of films: 10 (as Momotani Erika)
  • Award-winning experience: DMM Adult Award 2015 Works Award
  • AV appearance: 2013~2014

The activity period for Erika Momotani is from February 2014 to August 2014 for half a year. Before that, although some amateurs appeared in AV, it was only about one year in total, and the total number of films that appeared was only 10.

Erika Momotani’s debut works cannot be sold

Erika Momotani debuted in 2013. At that time, Erika Momotani was not named, but “RIRIKA”. When this work was filmed, she weighed only 38kg. It may also be because the body is too thin, and it did not cause the topic.

Although her face is cute, she can’t be too thin!

Later, in 2013, the “Amateur Personal Photographing and Contribution. 503 なな” published on a pornographic website designed by a professional amateur became a topical work. At this time, she has a little more weight than the first work, and she is just right in shape.

And it’s the best-selling work on this website

The setting in the video is “My hometown sells tofu, but the operation is not good, so I have to use my body’s turnover capital.” Therefore, it is listed as “the most beautiful tofu girl” on the Internet. The villagers were amazed “Who is this woman!?” Of course, the AV producer would never let her go, and immediately signed an exclusive contract, and officially debuted under the name of Erika Momotani in February 2014.

Erika Momotani-01
Erika Momotani-01

Only half a year? Sudden retirement

Erika Momotani, who debuted in February 2014, disappeared from the AV world only in August 2014. He did not publish his retirement work and suddenly deleted Twitter and official blog accounts, evaporating from the AV industry. The retirement of Erika Momotani has become a reality. About one year after her first AV debut, Erika Momotani ended her short AV career in about half a year.

Also because of the sudden resignation, fans have continued to express their regrets up to now. Because of the short duration of the event, she has become a rare legendary AV actress.

The charm of Erika Momotani

The biggest charm of Erika Momotani is her cute face. I often hear compliments of “cute as an idol”, but Momotani Erika’s situation is not exaggerated with the metaphor of “cute than an idol”.

“Although the AV cover photo is very cute, the actual movie is disappointing…” Isn’t it common? But she will live up to expectations, she is really cute and that’s why she quickly became a popular actress.

Not only the face, but the figure is also very good. There is 165cm, which is rare in Japanese, with long legs and small face…just like a model.

Virgin king virgin king

Really… super cute!!

I don’t want to lose to Kirara Asuka and become an AV actress!

The most interesting thing is why such a beautiful girl wants to be an AV actress, right? In fact, Momotani Erika’s personality is very reluctant to admit defeat.

When she was in high school, she found pornography hidden by her friends at the time. At the time, Erika Momotani felt that “it is better to watch me than to watch an AV actress!”. But that actress is too dazzling and invincible, which became the reason for her to look forward to AV actresses in the first place. At that time, the A movie actress her boyfriend watched was Kirara Asuka.

Erika Momotani
Erika Momotani

There are so many female fans too! ? The information of AV actress “Kira Asuka” has been revealed

Hello everyone, I am an old Japanese driver! There are many popular AV actresses in Japan, and one of the most famous is “Kira Asuka”. The number of people tracked by IG is as high as 1.6 million! This article will introduce Ming…

To become an AV actress, Erika Momotani, her goal is to “surpass Kirara Asuka to become the most famous AV actress.” She really refused to admit defeat.

Become a custom lady after retiring?

After Erika Momotani retired, she quietly worked in a high-end club called “Club Toranomon Aoyama” in Tokyo. At that time, the price named her was about 50,000 yen (14,000 NTD). Although it is not cheap, you still have to line up to make an appointment.

Working in this store started in March 2018. Although the attendance table can still be seen on the official website in 2020, there is no one-day shift. It feels like the store deliberately did not delete it.

In 2020, there are rumors such as “I am married and living near my hometown” and “Working at a custom shop in Susukino, Hokkaido”, but each is unbelievable.

Column: No one knows the mystery of Erika Momotani’s retirement

No one knows the real reason for her retirement until now. When she debuted, she said in an interview that “I will continue this job in 10 years.” No one expected that she would retire immediately afterward. What happened…?

On the Internet, there are speculations such as “I was hit by shooting bad works” and “I have mental troubles.” But if it were not for the confession of the person, no one would know the truth.

Erika Momotani-02
Erika Momotani-02

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