The Advantages Of Anal Plugs – Plug it in, Plug it IN.

The Advantages Of Anal Plugs

Contrary to popular belief, Butt Plugs aren’t just for advanced anal explorers.

Butt plugs are one of the most popular types of anal toys, but what do they actually do? They’re different from other anal-appropriate products like beads and dildos, in a number of important ways. Here are some of the advantages of butt plugs…

They stay put. The well-designed ones do, anyway. Unlike a dildo, which is meant to be thrusted in and out, or a set of anal beads, which are thinner but also designed for motion, butt plugs mostly exist to remain stationary. Since you don’t need to move a plug around once it’s in, your hands will be free to do other pleasurable things while the plug gives you gentle, constant anal stimulation. The feeling of fullness plugs provide can be pleasurable even without motion. On a related note…

They can be worn in public. Butt plugs’ relative comfort during long-term wear makes them ideal for subtle public play (like, say, on a dinner date or out at the movies), or just livening up your daily errands! You can keep a butt plug in for up to a few hours at a time – just make sure to pop into a bathroom periodically to re-lube.

They get you comfortable with anal stimulation. Touching the inside of your butt can feel really, really weird when you first start doing it for sexy purposes. Butt plugs and other anal toys give you a way to “practice” experiencing that sensation, perhaps while pairing it with other sexual stimuli, so you begin to eroticize the feeling of anal touch.

They’re a great warm-up for anal sex. The rectal sphincters need time to relax and open up, so some people like to wear a butt plug before sex or during foreplay to start that loosening process. What could be hotter for your partner than revealing to them that you’ve been preparing your body so as to maximize pleasure for both of you?

They can vibrate. Vibrating butt plugs are super popular, and for good reason: they feel great, and can help relax your muscles to prepare for anal sex. Some are even controllable by remote so you don’t have to reach down there every time you want to adjust the intensity of the vibrations.

They tighten the vagina, when worn by someone who has those parts. The presence of a butt plug in your ass – especially a large one – reduces the amount of space available in your vagina, which might make it feel pleasantly tighter to your partner during sex.

They intensify orgasms. While this is potentially true of any type of anal toy, butt plugs in particular give your pelvic floor muscles some resistance to push against when they clench rhythmically during orgasm. For many people, this results in a longer, stronger climax that leaves them seeing stars!

They can look cute as hell, especially if you get one that’s bejeweled or has a tail. Who knew a sex toy could also be a fashion accessory?!

Have you ever tried a butt plug? What was your favorite thing about it?

Anal sex is an acquired taste but one worth acquiring.”

– from Margaret Cho’s ALL ABOUT SEX