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Tenga Iroha Midori Review, June 2021

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I was extremely excited and very curious when Tenga Eggs) with the Iroha collection being their first female focused product line.

Included in the Iroha range are 3 different toys called the Midori, the Sakura and the Yuki.

All three are designed to be used as clitoral vibrators primarily, but they also function well as massagers, and for teasing erogenous zones on the female and male body.

What initially sparked my interest in the Iroha range, and the Midori in particular, was the unique shape and texture of these palm sized vibrators.

The Iroha Midori is an unusual looking vibrator and it is fair to say that it doesn’t look like any clitoral vibe I had tried previously. When I look at it I get images of little green aliens. (Anyone else see Slimer from Ghostbusters? Anyone?) 

I guess the best way to describe the appearance of the Midori would be to imagine a small pear that has been sliced in half.

It has a very pale, pastel green colouration which closely resembles the ‘glow in the dark’ colour that can be seen on other products, however the Midori’s colour is less garish, more subtle and it doesn’t actually glow in the dark. (Sad face)

Product Information

Tenga Iroha Midori Review, June 2021 Check Current Price!

The Midori is a petite toy, measuring in at just 3 inches in total length from tip to tail and 2.5 inches in width from edge to edge.

It has a 6.5 inch circumference around the widest section. These small dimensions ensure the Midori can be cradled in the palm of your hand.

The Midori is not the same shape all the way around. It has rounded curves and a nice, plump, pear shape to one side, but this only covers 180 degrees around the vibrator, the underside is actually flat. (Again, imagine a pear sliced in half.)

What I really need to get across is how unique this vibrator feels to the touch. I am unsure exactly what material is used to fill the inside of Midori, but it feels soft and squishy, in a similar way to a stress ball or a firm marshmallow.

The Midori will squish slightly under your fingertips and it feels bouncy and soft inside. This squishy material is then coated in a luxurious silicone skin. This skin is seamless and surrounds the whole toy (Apart from the control panel on the base.)

The silicone feels matte and silky to touch and it glides amazingly well, even without lubricant. (See my video review to watch the Midori gliding across my tablecloth.) Tenga advertise this skin as being dust repellent and it really is.

The Midori never seems to pick up a single speck of fluff and it always looks as clean as the day I unwrapped it, which is a minor miracle in my house. (I have pets and their hair usually gets everywhere.)

The Iroha Midori has 4 vibration settings. The first 3 are continuous speeds (Low, medium and high) and the last setting is a medium pulse (See my video review to listen to the settings)

I did find it slightly strange that Tenga went to the trouble of adding pattern settings to the Midori, but stopping after just one, but there you go, it has one pattern setting. Operating the vibrator could not be simpler.

It has two arrow shaped buttons on the underside of the toy, one has a ‘+’ symbol above it and the other has a ‘-‘ symbol above it. You simply hold down the plus button for a few seconds and the vibrator will jump into life.

It always starts on the first continuous speed setting (Low) and you simply press the plus symbol to move up through the settings and press the minus to move back down. To turn off the vibrator, hold down the minus button for a few seconds.

On all settings, the Midori is whisper quiet. You can easily disguise the sound under a duvet and I couldn’t hear it when I put it onto full power and stood at the other side of my room.

The Midori is rechargeable and it arrives with a sturdy, and rather sleek, display case. It has two charging options, either USB or mains.

You will see two metal pins on the black base of the Iroha display case and all you need to do is align these two pins with the two metal buttons on the base of the Midori (They magnetically attract) you can then leave it to charge while it sits in the display case.

While charging, a blue light will appear at the front of the case and once your toy has a full charge, this light goes out. Perfect and super easy to use.

In Use

Tenga Iroha Midori Review, June 2021 Check Current Price!

Anyone who has read my other vibrator reviews will know that I tend to avoid smaller toys. I cant stand buzzy, weak, shallow vibrators and so I usually lean towards big and powerful.

I was slightly concerned when I turned on the Midori, knocked it up to its highest setting and barely heard anything more than a slight buzzing.

It certainly felt powerful in my hand but the true test was how it felt against my clitoris.

I noticed that most of the vibrations travelled into the smaller tip of the toy, while the larger, fleshy section felt a little gentler.

I tried the tip first and I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover that the Midori is a very powerful vibrator.

It wasn’t just the power that impressed me with the Midori though. It is the way the vibrations feel, which was intense, reasonably deep and rumbling with an element of buzziness to them. Sounds strange, feels pretty amazing.

As a comparison, the vibrations from the Midori travel deeper into the clitoral tissue than the vibrations from my We-Vibe Tango provides deeper vibrations than the Midori, yet the Tango vibrates slower.

So, what this suggests to me is that the Midori is perfectly balanced for anyone who needs depth and speed to their vibrations. It certainly seems to find that perfect balance for me and is one of my “go to” vibrators when I need clitoral stimulation.

Of course, it very much depends on how you use the Midori, as to how you will experience the vibrations. I noticed that when I placed the large rounded section over my clitoris and vulva, the vibrations were less intense, more diffuse and more of a tease.

It will not bring me to orgasm when used this way but it certainly feels nice.

When I used the smaller tip in a similar way as I would use a bullet vibe, I noticed the sensations were much more pin point (but not quite as pin point as a bullet because the tip is larger than a standard bullet vibe) and much more intense.

It is pressure that adds the depth to the vibrations, so pressing the tip into my clitoris ensured I felt those vibrations travel deep into the clitoral tissue.

Alternatively, holding the Midori lightly over your clit provides some intense buzzy stimulation, which I am not a huge fan of, but I know some people are. It never fails to bring about some intense orgasms when I use it.

One downside to note is that that I have to fiddle around with it a lot to get the tip into the right place, simply because the tip is slightly too large to slide deeply into the space between my vaginal lip and clitoris, which is where I mostly like my stimulation to be.

That aside, it generally feels extremely good and it doesn’t numb my clit which means I can fully enjoy my build up to orgasm without being over stimulated or pushed too hard and fast.

I would suggest only using water based lubricants with the Iroha Midori because you don’t want to damage the beautiful silicone skin, however this toy seems to glide quite nicely without lubricant and I actually prefer using it this way because adding lubricant causes it to slip a little too much for my tastes and I could not keep it in position easily.

As you can imagine, it is not the easiest toy to hold on to in the first place and it does have a tendency to try and vibrate its way out of your grasp. Adding lubricant to the situation makes it impossible to grasp onto.

We also discovered that the Midori can bring my partner to orgasm simply by gliding the toy up and down his shaft, but he especially enjoyed the sensations around his frenulum.

The only other vibrator capable of bringing him to orgasm before the Midori was the Magic Wand Vibe, so Kudos to the Midori for producing deeper, rumbling vibrations capable of bringing him to orgasm.

Of course the Midori also functions reasonably well as a body massager but any firm pressure causes the silicone skin to wrinkle slightly and that worries me (Will it rip, or come unglued from the base?) so I would suggest only using it to lightly tease over nipples, thighs, buttocks and other erogenous zones.

This feels amazing and you won’t damage the toy this way.


Tenga Iroha Midori Review, June 2021 Check Current Price!

The Midori arrived in a glossy black box with pale green and white sides. Silver flowers are printed on top and the front of the box displays a pastel green image in the shape of the Midori.

The packaging looks very classy and luxurious, avoids sexual images and sticks to neutral colours. (No glitter or bright pinks in sight.) I soon came to realise the green and white “sides” were actually two smaller boxes that slid out from the glossy black frame.

Inside these are the Iroha Midori, the display case (Which is also the charger), a USB to micro USB cable, a mains adapter and instructions for use.


There are a few little niggles with the Iroha Midori. First of all it can be a slippery little sucker. The skin is so soft and silky that when you have the vibrations on, it can vibrate right out of your grasp.

I have placed the Midori on the palm of my hand and watched it vibrate its way across my skin, and that was without lube. Secondly, it does leave you with tingling fingers.

The vibrations are strong and the toy is small, so your fingertips take their fair share of the vibrations along with your clit.

It is not waterproof. I know I shouldn’t put this in the downsides but it does makes the Midori a little annoying to clean as you have to avoid getting water into the buttons on the base. (I recommend a hot soapy flannel, or wiping it down with a sex toy cleaner spray and a cloth.)

You also have to watch if you are a squirter. This toy is amazing and I feel that if Tenga had made it waterproof it would have been perfect. I can just imagine the slippery fun to be had if I could take this toy in the bath or shower.

Lastly, it has a strange smell, which was quite strong when I first opened the packaging. It smells similar to super glue. I can confirm that the smell does fade within a few weeks. It is barely perceptible now, unless I hold the toy directly under my nose.

The smell isn’t overpowering but you will probably notice it the first few times you use the Midori.


To date, the Iroha Midori is one of my favourite clitoral vibrators. It feels fantastic, the vibrations are strong and reasonably rumbly, it is rechargeable and it looks and feels luxurious too.

It has a few niggles but nothing that detracts from the wonder of this little vibrator. Some luxury vibrators are not worth their price tag but in the case of the Iroha Midori, it definitely is worth every penny. You can purchase the Iroha Midori, as well as the other two gorgeous vibrators from Tenga’s Iroha range, from Lovehoney

Video Review

Tenga Iroha Midori Review, June 2021 Watch it on Youtube

Update #1

Please note that I received the Iroha Midori as a pre-release tester. I have been informed by Lovehoney and Tenga that a few changes have been made to the Iroha range since I received my Midori.

First of all, all UK versions will be sent with a UK mains adapter and full instructions in English. The Iroha toys are also splash proof and I have been told they can be washed under running water, including the buttons, without causing damage.

I have also been informed that the product smell that I mentioned in my review has been taken into consideration and improved greatly. Thank you to Tenga and Lovehoney for informing me of these changes.

Update #2

It has since come to my attention that Dangerous Lilly recently reviewed the Iroha Midori and she also noticed the strong smell. She managed to get more information on this and discovered the smell is from the polyurethane-elastomer layer used to make the Midori.

Considering that Lillies Midori also smelled very strongly at first, and considering that she found out it is part of the material used to make this toy, I am now doubtful the issue was addressed, as I was told it was, when Lilly experienced exactly the same issue with hers.

Nevertheless, Lilly did find out that the material is safe to use and we both noticed the smell fades with time. So I am not worried.

You can purchase the Iroha Midori here at lovehoney.co.uk

The Iroha Midori was kindly sent to me free of charge by Lovehoney for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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