How to Regain your Sex Life After Childbirth – Sexdollformen Real Sex dolls Sex toys

The effects of pregnancy and childbirth often leaves a woman physically and hormonally in need of rest. Carrying a child, giving him/her all your nutrients and physical protection for nine months may seem a natural process, and it is, but that doesn’t mean the body is not effected. Creating another human being within your womb … Read more

Why Guys Wake Up With an Erected Penis (Morning Wood)? – Sexdollformen Real Sex dolls Sex toys

Every guy has woken up from a deep sleep and, with tiny song birds chirping outside his window and his elderly neighbor whistling merrily in the garden next door, looked down with blurry eyes to be greeted by…a massive erection. It can strike at the most awkward times. Morning wood doesn’t care if you’re spending … Read more

Why sex has to be done in private? – Sexdollformen Real Sex dolls Sex toys

Sex is like “Love” it makes the world go round. Unlike love which is often displayed in public, by emotional outbursts, suggested physical gestures and sweet sounding words, “open” sex has not yet arrived at that place. Imagine what would happen if everyone were allowed to fulfill their sexual desires in public, with no restraints. Not to … Read more