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TABLE OF COMPARISON FOR WOMANIZER PRODUCTS Colours Available Intensity Levels Autopilot Smart Silence Technology No. of Stimulation Heads Silent Technology Standby Mode Charging Time (Minutes) Usage Time (Minutes) Size (mm) Weight (g) Stimulation Pressure Air Technology 100% Waterproof LED Display Magnetic USB Charging Womanizer Premium Black/Gold Red/Gold White/Chrome Raspberry 12 Yes Yes 2 Yes No … Read more

Yes No Maybe

$title$ By: $author$ Consent and communication are key in all aspects of our lives, but especially when it comes to sex. Not sure where to start? YES / NO / MAYBE lists are a great way to get the conversation going! These lists can help discover desires and fantasies, reveal avenues of exploration, and build intimacy between you … Read more

Yes Oil Based Lubricant Review –

Check Current Price! Yes lubricants had been something I had heard of now and again, but I had not had the pleasure of trying them until recently, when Yes products seem to be marketed differently to the usual lubricants I have tested, in that these products seem to be aimed more at females who suffer sensitivities, vaginal … Read more

F*ck Yes: a Series of Sexy Short Films Sparking Conversations About Sex & Consent | Enjoy your body-sexdollformen

Is consent confusing? Recent shifts in the conversations around consent seem to signify that it may be confusing for some. Chicago-based filmmakers Julie Keck and Jessica King have produced a series of shorts to remind us #ConsentIsSexy.  “F*ck Yes is a modern sex ed series focused on improving communication (and sex) between consenting adults,” the duo proclaims. … Read more