What to look for when buying a sex toy

Walking into a sex shop or browsing online can introduce you to an endless stream of vibrators, dildos, clit-suckers, and more products designed to make you orgasm. With such a variety out there, it can be daunting to determine which toy is right for you — especially if you’ve never bought one before. What should … Read more

How to Shop for a Sex Toy During a Pandemic Pt. 1

The following questions were submitted by Coquette Claudette for their upcoming podcast launch. We are at the peak of a Pandemic and about to enter Holiday season. This could be a dangerous mix, changing how we experience everything from family and friends to partners and pleasure. Many people have been practicing more solo pleasure, virtual … Read more

How do lesbians have sex by Wet For Her lesbian sex toy designer

Obviously, there is no straight forward answer and what floats one woman’s boat might sink another’s woman’s boat. There’s been some interesting surveys, one of which reveal that girl-on-girl intimacy results in more orgasms than girl-on-guy action. What’s girl-on-girl intimacy I hear you ask? This could be kissing, stimulating the erogenous zones, dry-humping, oral sex…Basically it’s … Read more

BDSM: The Hidden Faces of Sex – Love Sexdollformen

BDSM: The Hidden Faces of Sex BDSM is a term often thrown around in discussions about many different sexual practises. It is somewhat unfortunate then, that it has such a vague definition. For some of the practitioners, the phrase can have quite different meanings, and what one-person views as quite extreme sexual activity others might … Read more

Strap-On 101: A Guide to the Best Beginner Pegging Products – sexdollformen.com

Share Cover Illustration by Sofie Birkin (@sofiebirkinillustration) The strap on is a sex toy that carries some mystery. We understand, the idea of using a strap on for the first time may seem a bit intimidating, but this adventurous sex toy can spice up how you play with your partners. QUICK LINKS: What Is a Strap On? What Does Strap On Sex Feel Like? … Read more


Share We talk about boundaries when discussing family members (hello, holidays!), work relationships, and even with strangers – however, have you thought about how you create boundaries in the bedroom? We get it, talking about boundaries in an intimate setting does not sound like the most erotic activity! But allow us to persuade you.  Once … Read more