15 things I learned buying a house as a sex blogger — Hey Epiphora » Where sex toys go to be judged

Most of my summer was spent in the throes of buying a house, an experience that was completely new to me. As a person who earns most of their income through nefarious and elusive internet means, as well as a person who masturbates frequently and more peculiarly than most, I had some… unique considerations as a home buyer. My … Read more

My Experience With Harmful LGBTQIA2+ Themes in Adult Media [Guest Voice] – sex doll for men – a cup sex doll

As a baby-Millennial/elder-Zoomer, I can assure you that I was once a teenage boy hiding under the covers with his cellphone searching “pornhub dot com” in an incognito tab. Sex wasn’t a mystery to me. My parents weren’t exactly open about sex education, but they didn’t shy away from telling me where babies came from … Read more