Why Boudoir Photos Are an Act of Self-Love – Sexdollformen full body sex dolls sex toys love doll

Boudoir photos: You’ve seen them and you’ve heard about them, but perhaps you haven’t done much research on them. Maybe you’ve viewed them but thought to yourself you’d never get them done, at least not until you’ve lost those extra few pounds. Maybe you haven’t gotten them done out of fear. Not feeling perfect can … Read more

The Slutty Girl's Guide to Turning 21 – Sexdollformen full body sex dolls sex toys love doll

You’ve been counting down the years, days, and minutes since you were eighteen. You’ve fantasized about it from TV and movies, and have drooled over Facebook photos of girls in tiaras chugging wine from bottles, and finally taking shots at the bar. You’ve counted every birthday as “one year closer to the big birthday”. Now, … Read more

Do Fleshlight Girls sleeves feel different from generic pink sleeves? – Full Body Sex dolls of Sexdollformen

Technically…no. However, don’t underestimate how much visual stimulation can amplify what you feel physically. AKA the case of Stoya Destroya vs. Destroya For some guys, the appearance of a Fleshlight is a big part of the appeal—its anatomical resemblance inspires, arouses, and feeds fantasies, which in turn amplifies what is felt physically. But what if … Read more

Sex, Housing Instability, and Perseverance in Hard Times – Sexdollformen sex dolls sex toys love dolls

[Content Warnings: Frank discussion of poverty and poverty-related struggles, homelessness, and depression.] By the time I was 12 years old, I’d lived in 22 different places. It wasn’t because one of my parents was military, or had an interesting job that required frequent travel. It was because we were poor, and my dad was the … Read more