THE TOP NEW SEX TOYS OF 2022 (According To Us)

TOP NEW SEX TOYS OF 2022 Out With The Old, In With The New. Sex Tech has come a long way in the past year! Here we’ve highlighted some of this year’s top new products and a few winners from 2021. Whether you’re single or coupled up, these contemporary sex toys and modern foreplay accessories … Read more

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Looking for sex toy sales, deals, and coupon codes instead? Visit my sales & deals page. Note: Clear your cache and enable cookies before clicking to ensure I get commissions. Thanks! Shops that need support most amidst COVID-19: indie brick and mortars such as Early to Bed, She Bop, and Smitten Kitten! Order from them so they can survive … Read more

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Lookin’ to browse my archives in a snap? You’ve come to the right place! Pour yourself some coffee and peruse my blog by category, page, or tag. In particular, I recommend the ridiculous tags I can’t possibly categorize; they’re always the most fun. Categories Categories Sex Toy Reviews (372) Vibrators (160) Dildos (88) Hi, I … Read more

RRR: Ruby’s Reading Recommendations #4 – sex doll for men – a cup sex doll

Hey folks! Today is the fourth installment of this weekly series on Sexdollformen. Every week, I read through newly-posted sex toy reviews and news about the industry. I love running this blog, and I love seeing what other great bloggers and companies are up to. There are soooo many reviews/articles out there that I admire, and I want all of … Read more