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There are hundreds of sex toy stores available, but not all of them are good. Here are several that I like and trust! There’s a lot to love about Lovehoney: they offer a return policy, sport clean, non-pornographic packaging, and their pricing is extremely competitive. Shipping is fast and super discreet. If there are any problems with … Read more

Greek Life, Slut Shaming, and Rape Culture – Full Body sex dolls love dolls sex toys -Sexdollformen

Sorority sisters walk the line of inappropriateness and class. They push the limits, but do so with an air of refinement. They keep their heads held high, and their drinks held higher, epitomizing the duality of staying classy while blacked out. They go out all weekend, feeling confident and self-assured, eager to find the perfect … Read more

Birth Control 101: Female Condoms – Full Body sex dolls love dolls sex toys -Sexdollformen

Birth Control 101 is a multi-part series covering everything you need to know about birth control. It has all the details you need to make the best decision for your body, like how each method works, the pros and cons, effectiveness, cost and where to get them. After we’re done, you’ll basically be an expert, and … Read more

Your Slutty Life Doesn't End with a Relationship – Full Body sex dolls love dolls sex toys -Sexdollformen

Being single is a blast. You never have to worry about someone waiting on you back home, all the steamy hookups with no strings attached, and there’s something special about feeling like a fierce independent woman. But what happens when you do meet that special someone? Does being in a relationship have to end the … Read more

How To Get Bigger Boobs: 6 Alternatives to Surgery – sexdollformen sex dolls love dolls sex toys

Rosie – CC Image from Lies Thru a Lens on Flickr Today women are increasingly interested in changing body aspects that they feel unhappy with. Breast enhancement is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures, and statistics indicate that in the USA alone millions of breast augmentation operations are undertaken each year, alongside other cosmetic … Read more