6 Types Of Toys Every Woman NEEDS

Did you read the title? I used the word “need” and the reason I used that word is because I firmly believe that there are 6 types of sexual enhancement products that every woman absolutely should have at their disposal. There are so many sex toys available that it may be overwhelming for someone to … Read more

9 Non-Standard Toys To Try

How thorough is your sex toy knowledge? You do know that there are many more items available besides cock rings and vibrators, right? If you don’t really have an extensive understanding of exactly how many different types of sexual enhancement products there are, don’t worry, most people don’t! This is a shame too because there … Read more

This sex toy gave me new kind of orgasm

There’s a lot of toys out there, and much like physical partners, different toys will appeal to different people for different reasons. By Aly Walansky There’s been some great (and terrible) toys that I have been sent to me to try, but a new favorite is Sexdollformen’s Melt, and it’s special because it works unlike … Read more