10 Best Urethral Sounds for Beginners – Reviewed in 2022 | sexdollformen – sexdollformen sex dolls akane sex doll

There are so many unconventional ways to experience pleasure and urethral sounding is one of them. What started out as a medical procedure initially can become a very stimulating part of foreplay. To make the experience amazing, you need the right kind of urethral sounding toy. If you have no clue how to choose, don’t … Read more

Ask Ruby: Where to Buy an Uncut (Foreskin) Dildo? – sex doll for men – a cup sex doll

Question: Where can I find an uncut dildo (one with a visible uncircumcised foreskin)? Readers find my blog all the time by looking for uncut foreskin dildos. It’s not surprising. Though porn is flooded with circumcised penises, a vast percentage of people with a penis remain uncut. It makes sense, then, that people might wish their dildos to … Read more

October Giveaway: Magic Wand and Silicone Cover – sex doll for men – a cup sex doll

This month, you have the chance to win one of the most famous sex toys EVER, plus a silicone attachment! The Sponsor: ComeNPlay.ca ComeNPlay.ca is a Canadian-own online store that offers a TON of toys, including a great selection of silicone vibrators.They have over 6000 top of the line products including JOPEN, Le Wand, Jimmy Jane, … Read more