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America has come to love her as the sinister chick from “Parks and Recreation,” who hates friendships and legal activities. Her performance in indie film “Safety Not Guaranteed” earned her praise and a bunch of nominations, but Plaza’s character is perpetually peeved at her life and especially peeved at her dimwitted coworkers. But the great … Read more

Fuck Me, Pay Me: A Sexpert Reveals the Truth About the Adult Industry – Full Body sex dolls love dolls sex toys -Sexdollformen

I got paid the other day to tell someone how to more easily and comfortably stuff stuff in her butt. U jelly? Check it out on the Pipedream Blog. For my first ever SGP article (LOL OMG SO EXCITE), my initial intent was to devour all the fuckheads who’ve been ignorantly commenting on the Duke U. … Read more

Living an Orgasmic Life: Heal Yourself and Awaken Your Pleasure – Sexdollformen full body sex dolls sex toys love doll

If you’ve never experienced therapy on any level, it can be difficult to grasp the ideas behind it: discover your fears, loves, failures and wins. Then decide, with exercises and tools, how each of these experiences affects your life or a specific part of your life. Now imagine all of that in book form. Living an … Read more

She Wants Stronger Orgasms

She Wants Stronger Orgasms By: Good Vibrations Dear Good Vibrations– My girlfriend isn’t always able to come, or have a very satisfying orgasm. She says it’s a mental thing and wonders if hypnosis would help her. I would like to help her have this experience! What can I do? –She Wants Stronger Orgasms Many women … Read more

On Bisexuality

On Bisexuality By: Good Vibrations Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist Carol Queen PhD has identified as bisexual since 1973 (she came out when she was 16). She wrote her final paper in the University of Oregon’s inaugural Gay Studies class about bisexuality, and contributed an essay to the important anthology Bi Any Other Name in 1991. … Read more