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When did sexting become a thing? Officially, the word sexting (sex + texting) was actually added to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary in 2012 however, it was first published years before then. In 2005, the word ‘sexting’ was published for the first time in the Australian Sunday Telegraph Magazine. The first text message was sent in … Read more

How To Make Money Sexting & Flirting Online

Looking to make some extra quick money online? Sexting is definitely something you should consider and yes, I am serious. Thanks to the internet, the sexting game has now become a worldwide marketplace where anyone with a phone or a computer can make money simply by sexting for a few hours a day (and people … Read more

4 Ways to Take Your Sexting to the Next Level – Sexdollformen.com

By Scott Power Of all the amazing ways recent technological advancements have positively affected our romantic relationships and sex lives, the innovation of sexting is inarguably one of the best. (Especially when you couple it with an app-enabled couples’ vibrator. Just saying.) Gone are the days when phone sex was merely two people speaking (and/or … Read more

How To Take Sexting To A New Level – Sexdollformen.com

Long before the very first text (which would eventually open the doors to sexting) was sent, sexting, at least a form of it, existed. By Amanda Chatel Whether it was in emails or hand-written letters before that, writing out sexy, dirty thoughts to a partner is certainly nothing new. Just think about Nero and Caligula – as well-known libertines, there’s no way … Read more

Sexting: Not Just For Horny Teenagers | Toy With Me

Sexting: verb; a portmanteau of sex and texting; the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones. It all started years ago when the first long-distance couple decided that that newfangled communication device on the wall would be the perfect means of turning each other on across the miles, and … Read more

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In our last post on Gender Neutrality, we explained the societal constructs of sex and gender, and why it was important to keep language neutral and inclusive in safe spaces. You may be a person who knows this already and so you might be thinking, “I use people’s preferred pronouns, I respect all genders, and … Read more