Not All Gays Are Welcome: Where Can We Go & What It Could Be | Sex Doll For Men Love Dolls

When I first moved to Mile End, at the northwest edge of Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood, gentrification was already well underway, but pockets of resistance (and affordable housing) remained. Grungy queer venues like Cabaret Playhouse and the Royal Phoenix (god I miss their fries) and a population that seemed to be at least 60% beautifully dissipated … Read more

Taking Back Pride: We’re Here, We’re Queer, and We’re Walking Here! | Sex Doll For Men Love Dolls

Things haven’t been the same since… well, you know. Most of us are living scared, avoiding other human beings like one avoids doing taxes (some of us are more avoidant than others). Like a dystopian young adult novel, we’ve formed little pods of people with the goal of keeping ourselves safe together, like a survival … Read more

#pridemonth #nationalpride #pridedc #lgbt #queer #sextoys #washingtondc | Sexdollformen Enjoy Youe Bodu

After May’s Masturbation Month, a celebration of self-pleasure, we have Pride Month, another celebration of self specifically for members of the LGBT and Queer communities. As always, we recognize that pride looks different for everyone. Life situations or intersecting identities may make it difficult or infeasible to express one’s gender or sexual identity. Keeping this … Read more

Navigating Bi Identity and Feeling Not "Queer Enough" – Enjoy your body-sexdollformen

Happy Bi Visibility Day! If you’re newly exploring your bi identity, you might find yourself feeling not “queer enough” or afraid to fully claim it. Our founder @Lorraejo chatted with @jennie_roberson of @bidotorg to explore coming out later in life, navigating queer identity, and overcoming shame and fear. Here’s an excerpt… “I knew from a … Read more

Queering Your Sex

But what does it mean to Queer Your Sex? Like, I’m already queer so doesn’t that just make my sex queer anyway? For all technical purposes I would say yes, and congratulations for finding creative ways to have sex outside of cis-het norms! But wait, there’s more…In addition to incorporating copious amounts of creativity into … Read more

What does it mean to be queer enough?

What does it mean to be queer enough? By: Sam (she/they) | SHRIMPTEETH It should be obvious that there isn’t a right or wrong way to be queer. Since we’re all different, there’s no objective metric for queerness. However, it’s not unusual for baby gays (any queers really) to feel like they have to measure … Read more