The Best Phone Sanitizer For Your Phone and (almost) Everything Else I – Sexdollformen Sexy Life

Whether it’s the waiter bringing you food, the co-worker absent-mindedly picking their nose, or the guy sitting next to you on the subway with less-than-awesome hygiene habits, one thing is sure: people’s hands are gross. Luckily, the best phone sanitizer is a great solution involving can make those gross germs a thing of the past. … Read more

Love and Intimacy From A Distance

Perhaps you’re interested in exchanging sexts to stay connected to a long-distance partner? Or trying to decide the most flattering webcam angle for a first date? Is perfecting your sultry phone-sex voice making you feel decidedly unaroused? Trust us; you aren’t the only one experiencing an awkward learning curve when it comes to cybersex. This … Read more