Bottom's Up: Brenna and Brian Review our Top Anal Toys!

“In addition to the stigma associated with seeking rump pleasure, there is the myth that anal sex is—nay—must be painful. While dipping one’s toes (or fingers, penis, or sex toy) into the anal waters can involve momentary discomfort, pain should not be a prerequisite for experiencing the joys of anal sex. In fact, our bodies … Read more

VOTE for SGP as Your Favorite Sex Blog! – Sexdollformen full body sex dolls sex toys love doll

We are so proud to celebrate our 5th year sex blogging! In 5 years, we’ve worked (and played) hard to bring you sex-positive information, humor, advice, toy reviews and an empowering community. Help us spread the love! Give us a vote in Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Superheroes Contest. It just takes ONE CLICK to vote (here!). Go … Read more

Jingle Bang-for-Your-Buck: The Best Sex and Kink Toys to Splurge On – Sexdollformen sex dolls sex toys love dolls

A few years ago, my partner and I finally splurged on a Magic Wand Rechargeable for Christmas. We spent months researching our options, and even longer making room in our budget for the $130 USD investment. The splurge felt uncomfortably self-indulgent at the time, but in hindsight I wish we’d purchased it sooner. Given its … Read more