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What is an Orgasm? An orgasm is a feeling of intense pleasure, which usually happens during sex (people can experience them from nonsexual activity). But that definition falls a little short. Orgasm typically happens after physical stimulation and a buildup. It leads to a release of tension in your body that feels amazing, especially after your heart has been racing and … Read more

Scary Sex Myths

Scary Sex Myths By: Good Vibrations October is the perfect time for all things spooky and scary, and at Good Vibes we find one thing scarier than anything else–sexual health misinformation.*insert movie scream track here* There are so many myths floating around like little spooky misinformed ghosts–so just like the Scooby gang, we’re here to … Read more

She Wants Stronger Orgasms

She Wants Stronger Orgasms By: Good Vibrations Dear Good Vibrations– My girlfriend isn’t always able to come, or have a very satisfying orgasm. She says it’s a mental thing and wonders if hypnosis would help her. I would like to help her have this experience! What can I do? –She Wants Stronger Orgasms Many women … Read more

Orgasm During Vaginal Sex

Orgasm During Vaginal Sex By: Good Vibrations “Dear Good Vibrations, How do you orgasm during vaginal sex? –Fucking, Not Coming” The two most important prerequisites to coming during intercourse are achieving a very high arousal state during the act, and the ability to come already. While there are surely those who have had (or are … Read more

Did I Orgasm?

Did I Orgasm? By: Good Vibrations “Dear Good Vibrations, As a woman, how do I know I’ve orgasmed?” This is a more common question than you think, and not just asked by clueless young boyfriends. No insult meant, there — in this culture, generally, we only get a clue about such things through experience, and … Read more

How To Celebrate National Orgasm Day

There’s no better time of year for ice play than summertime, and National Orgasm Day (July 31st) is a perfect excuse for adding some sensation play alone or partnered, but also to just treat yourself to a day of pleasure and indulgence. By Aly Walansky Other holidays, be it religious or traditional – like Thanksgiving … Read more

5 Useful Tips: Help you to Achieve the Female Orgasm | Sexdollformen sexy life

Female orgasm, which is commonly called “coming” or “climaxing”, it is the intense and pleasurable release of erotic tension and sensation during sexual activity. Although both women and men have the experience of orgasm, only 64% women can achieve climax compared with 91% men. In the meantime, there are more and more women sex toys … Read more