Best Cum Lubes – Realistic Cum Lubes that Looks Like Fake Semen | sexdollformen – sexdollformen sex dolls akane sex doll

Do you enjoy sexy play time with toys that’s as realistic as the actual experience with a partner? If you like the real deal, cum lube is an absolute must-buy product. And this isn’t its only use. Cum lube can also be enjoyed in partnered play, enhancing visuals and maximizing pleasure. As the name suggests, … Read more

Aloe Cadabra Natural Aloe Lube Review – Sexdollformen full body sex dolls sex toys love doll

Dismayed by the number of personal lubricants on the market containing potentially harmful ingredients, Aloe Cadabra set out to create an all-natural, organic alternative. Like most aloe based lubes, Aloe Cadabra is pH balanced to mimic your natural vaginal chemistry. I was excited to try out their all natural aloe version, but despite the natural and … Read more

Aloe Cadabra Peppermint Tingle Lubricant Review – Sexdollformen full body sex dolls sex toys love doll

The Peppermint Tingle Lube by Aloe Cadabra is a fabulously tingly lube from one of the most all-natural lubricant companies on the market. Unlike most lubes, who use spearmint or fresh mint to get a tingly sensation (and often have a terrible taste), the Peppermint in this lube makes it taste like a candy cane! Add … Read more

Jo H20 Organic NaturaLove Water-Based Lube Review – Sexdollformen full body sex dolls sex toys love doll

I chose to review the Jo Organic NaturaLove lube because I’m always looking for a good water-based lubricant that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like glycerine or propylene glycol. Plus, I’m the target market for anything marketed as ‘natural’ or ‘organic.’ Solar-powered garden lamps? I don’t even have a pot plant, but I’m down. Cruelty-free BDSM … Read more

What Lube is Compatible with Silicone Toys? – Sexdollformen Real Sex dolls Sex toys

Silicone sex toys are among the best for a reason. They come in a variety of firmnesses, textures, and colors. They are also non-porous and safe to swap between orifices or partners after you sterilize them. But you may have heard that silicone toys are not compatible with some lubricants and been reluctant to try them. Silicone sex toys are compatible with most personal lubricants, but … Read more

3 Reasons to Try a Tasty Flavored Lube – Sexdollformen Real Sex dolls Sex toys

No matter who you are, you’ll probably come across a time when you need to use a lubricant for your sexual adventure. Manufacturers make a variety of lube products, including tasty and edible flavoured lube. These are some of the reasons you might want to stock up on these products: For Oral Sex One good reason to buy a flavoured lubricant is so that you and your … Read more