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I Had a Mental Orgasm and Now I’m Wondering about the Nature of the Universe January 9, 2018January 8, 2018 by Felicity The more I learn about human sexuality, the more I see that nothing is weird. Atypical, maybe, but who wants to be normal in every way? Nipple orgasms, flaccid or dry penile orgasms, … Read more

The Often-Overlooked Wand | As You Like It

The Often-Overlooked Wand

Back in the day, your option for a good vibrator was limited. To one side was a cheap, pointed plastic tube you’d pop a couple of D sized batteries into (which ALWAYS rattled loudly after a bit). It just screamed THIS IS A VIBRATOR Y’ALL. The plastic tube was the ultimate first vibrator for many of us. It went through batteries like I go through a bag of potato chips and was purely utilitarian. My fondest memories of my first vibrator mostly involved hiding it from parents and roommates.

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Shoplifters Be Warned! – Sexdollformen Sexy Life

Shoplifters Be Warned! Apr 21, 2012 | Posted by Sarah Hopkins | Humor, West Valley Blue Boutique | Here at the West Valley Blue Boutique, nothing gets us quite as fired up as catching a shoplifter! It affects our business and therefore our jobs, so we definitely keep our eyes peeled for people trying to … Read more

The Garden Party III: An Erotic Story

I was in a dream world – not awake, not asleep, not alive, not dead. The ultra-intense orgasm in complete, utter darkness had caused my mind to project vivid images in front of my eyes. Revolving stars and exploding planets. I heard Trixie’s voice from a distance. Muffled. If you want to find me you … Read more

A Pythagorean Tryst – An Erotic Story

More than a Threesome When I was twenty-three I was invited to spend a summer on the island of Jura, one of the Inner Hebrides. I had replied to a math tutor application which had intrigued me, not because it paid so well, but because it provided me the opportunity to find out what life … Read more