Six Amazing Girl Crushes

Starlets Worth Crushing on Hard Sometimes it’s tough to be a woman, even in the modern world. For instance, one need only look at the Olympics coverage before wanting to facepalm with all the perfection of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Thankfully there is always hope and it comes in the form of women: Strong powerful women … Read more

Booty Parlor Good Girl / Bad Girl Blindfold Review – Enjoy your body-Sexdollformen

No two blindfolds are the same, as anyone with experience in sensory toys can attest to. It’s been a long journey to find my dream blindfold, and thanks to a wonderful accessory from Booty Parlor, I finally found it! Whether you’re interested in finding the perfect sleeping mask or the perfect addition to your blindfold collection, look no further than … Read more

Top Five Bestselling Toys Of 2021 For Kids

Top Five Bestselling Toys Of 2021 For Kids The all new season of the “Love Live” franchise is “Silicone Life”.silicone girl dolls I’m sure you have already seen the commercial and it is fun to see different dolls on TV. I can’t wait to see all the great ideas that the makers of this new … Read more