Dongs are a very popular sex toy, coming in many different sizes and with multiple features. In general, you’ll find most dongs extremely similar in looks to a real penis. Dongs come in different varieties. You can find the vibrating dongs, the suction cup dongs that adhere to a surface, dongs that attach to your … Read more

G-Spot Anatomy and How to Find It | Toy With Me

The G-spot has been a contradictory topic for many years. The thorough research started back in the 1940s, but only in 1981, this spot was named after German gynecologist Gräfenberg and became the G-spot. Even if you like many others are still in doubt about its existence, let’s think of millions of women who have … Read more

G Spot in Women: How to Find Your G-Spot and Achieve Earth-shattering Vaginal Orgasm

German physician and scientist, Ernst Gräfenberg was the first person to describe the G-spot in 1950. However, numerous gynecologists have been studying the area before then. Because Gräfenberg was the first person to describe it, it got the name G-spot. We use the letter “G” as the short term for Ernst’s last name. I’m writing … Read more