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If you enjoy some nipple stimulation, finding the perfect clamps can do wonders for your sexual life. Nipple clamps are a versatile toy you can use to stimulate your nipples in various ways, from pinching and squeezing to tugging and twisting. They can be enjoyed by anyone with nipples, regardless of their gender, sexuality, or … Read more

Best Nipple Clamps for Woman – Stop Neglecting Your Nipples – Sexdollsrealistic sex doll, Sex toys

I’m glad you’re here: You realized your nipples should no longer be neglected! You’ve likely involved your nipples in foreplay, and discovered how good it felt, right? So, what if you can have your nipples stimulated continuously, and to a more extreme level? Well, you won’t believe you’ve waited this long to look into nipple … Read more

What Exactly Are Nipple Clamps?

Nipple clamps are clamps that go on the nipples. It seems pretty easy, right? But there are some details you might not know about nipple clamps as well as questions that aren’t easily answered such as “Why do people like nipple clamps?” We’ll start there. If you like a little pain with your pleasure, you … Read more

Deciding on the Right Nipple Clamps

Deciding on the Right Nipple Clamps A Quick Guide to Clips and Clamps by Josie We really appreciate our customers and an overwhelming amount of you have had a plethora of questions about nipple clamps! We hope this quick guide alleviates any reservations you have about incorporating them into your playtime. Clamps are commonly associated … Read more

5 Best Clit Clamps and Clips for Clitoral Stimulation

Author: Megan Harrison Last updated October 20, 2021 Show contents Contents What Are The Best Clit Clamps and Clips? Clit Clamps Reviews Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp Entice Rose Gold Crystal Clitoral Pleasure Clip Lovehoney Pinch Perfect Adjustable Clitoral Clamp Bondage Boutique Nipple Clamps and Clit Clamp Bondage Boutique Rose Gold Adjustable … Read more