10 Best Lubes for Fleshlights & Pocket Pussies Reviewed in 2022 | sexdollformen – sexdollformen sex dolls akane sex doll

Fleshlights give you an experience that’s so good and so real! To have a next-level orgasm, however, you need the right kind of lube to use with your favorite toy. Dryness isn’t fun and hand lotion hasn’t been considered an optimal choice for a long, long time! Good lubes can make you feel just like … Read more

10 Best Sex Lubricants Reviewed in 2022 | sexdollformen – sexdollformen sex dolls akane sex doll

We all know that proper lubrication is one of the biggest essentials for good sex. In some instances, however, natural lubrication doesn’t work or it’s simply not enough. Luckily, the market offers such an amazing range of lubes that you wouldn’t have to give up on your favorite sex activities. A good lubricant is something … Read more

Best Lubricant For Women – Our Top Ten Review (Water, Silicone, Oil) – sexdollformen sex dolls love dolls sex toys

Want to transform your sex life? Then take a look at our best lubricant for women top ten review! Lubricants are not just for older couples, or for anal fun, although these are consumers that will certainly benefit from lubes. Everyone should try a good lube at least once to experience the difference for themselves. … Read more

Coconu Review – Sexdollformen full body sex dolls sex toys love doll

Coconu is the creator of two high-quality personal lubricants made with coconut products, one water-based and one oil-based. They are dedicated to using the best ingredients available, with no harmful additives. Seeking to celebrate healthy sex and healthy sex lives, Coconu’s offerings are sure to make your next sexual encounter better than ever. Want it … Read more

Best Anal Lubes for Smooth Penetration (Updated 2020)

Life can be very unfair without sex. Every normal human being has feelings, and their sexual urges have to be attended to. Since time immemorial, there have been different sexual orientations. Some people are heterosexual, lesbians, gays and sodomites, etc.  Sexual orientation depends with the tastes and preferences of every individual. For gays and sodomites … Read more

15 Best Lubes For Dildos (And Vibrators)

Why do you need lube when using sex toys? Lube can be used to help sex, masturbation, or sex toy play more pleasurable. Lubrication works to reduce friction on your skin that happens during penetration and can eliminate pain, uncomfortable rubbing, and chafing. Using lube during vaginal penetration. Some women experience vaginal dryness, which can … Read more

Awesome Lubes For Anal Play

Happy Anal August everyone! We’re always big fans of lube but when it comes to anal play it’s especially important. Why? First off, comfort- Lube makes everything feel better! Secondly, safety: The delicate skin of the rectum is much more prone to tearing than that of the vagina and even small tears leave you more susceptible to infection. So let’s take a look at some lubes that will help you engage in safe, comfortable anal play!

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What You Need to Know About Lube – Sexdollformen.com

There’s no denying that sex feels better with lubricant as natural sensations and stimulations from toys are intensified with the added moisture. By Sexdollformen But going out to buy lube can be an overwhelming experience. Colours and scents and flavours are the superficial choices, but what are the differences between oil, water, and silicone based … Read more