Bottom's Up: Brenna and Brian Review our Top Anal Toys!

“In addition to the stigma associated with seeking rump pleasure, there is the myth that anal sex is—nay—must be painful. While dipping one’s toes (or fingers, penis, or sex toy) into the anal waters can involve momentary discomfort, pain should not be a prerequisite for experiencing the joys of anal sex. In fact, our bodies … Read more

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If you love backdoor action and want to go big with it, anal stretchers are the thing you need. Designed for anal enthusiasts, anal stretching toys are used to open, widen, or stretch the anus to a specific size by using anal dilators or plugs. They make anal sex more exciting, comfortable, and pleasurable, so … Read more

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Learning how to use anal beads can be a worthwhile, if slightly unusual, study. Being very adaptable, there are countless ways to include them in an adventurous sex life. Their exact provenance and age is shrouded in mystery- no one seems to know their origins. Regardless, many people enjoy them as a treasured addition to … Read more

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Anal toys. The holy grail of ass lovers. The symbol of sexual freedom. The great…. ok whatever. That thing you put inside your asshole. Feeling naughty? Bored of quarantine? Maybe seeking new sensations? I got you. You may be into anal play already, or maybe… you’ve never tried it and are curious about it. And … Read more