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When a couple first gets together, there is a great deal of excitement as they get to know one another. From their favorite type of music and cuisine to how they like their shirts folded, the excitement of learning about each other part of the excitement of being together. Like other aspects of their life together, learning what their partner likes in the bed adds anticipation and excitement and helps to solidify the relationship.

However, over time, as two people get to know each other well, their life together can become rather predictable. This invariably seems to happen as they reach the long term relationship stage. Life together can almost seem tedious, and it often happens that they fall into a rut of doing the same things over and over.

While this sort of approach might work well for some aspects of life, such as cutting down on the amount of time spent doing mundane tasks, it can be a mood killer in the bedroom. Doing the same things over and over again in the bedroom can make sex seem almost like a chore instead of an exciting time of anticipation. Too often during these times, the mind will wander due to the difficulty in staying focused.

Some of the ways couples can add excitement to their sex life include trying new positions, experimenting with new lotions and exploring various sex toys. Having a range of different options at their disposal allows a couple to change things up in the bedroom so they can more easily stave off boredom. While trying a variety of positions and new lotions is a good place to start, there are only so many ways that the body can bend before it gets tedious and there are only so many lotions out on the market.

Using sex toys adds an element of surprise and naughtiness to a bedtime routine. While many of the toys available are pretty much self explanatory when it comes to using them, having fun and experimenting allow a couple to tailor the fun to their own unique likes and desires. Even those toys that have a slight learning curve can be fun to learn when a couple do so together.