Sex Dolls VS Sex Workers

A sex doll is a love doll that has an image of a human; female or male usually in solid form or inflated, and made from different types of plastic materials and silicone. Usually, they are life-sized replicas of a real woman person complete with height and weight. Any other replica of human sexual organs or body parts is a sex toy and not a doll as people say.   

Is The Sex Doll Just for Sex?

Sex toys are just for sex, but they are also used for companionship by other people. Sex dolls come in different forms, and one can easily confuse them with sex robots which are a little bit more of anthropomorphic creations that are designed to exhibit more complex actions and will soon be enhanced with artificial intelligence.

Production of sex dolls took several leaps forward at the end of the 20th century. Vinyl, silicone, and latex, had taken the lead as the choice of material used in the making of sex dolls. Silicone and TPE are the two main materials used in making sex dolls. Silicone is considered the primary material due to its durability, and it’s also higher in the end material hence gives the sex dolls all the quality.

TPE dolls were once considered throwaway like inflatables, but today they have gained leaps and bounds in durability and quality plus appearance.  Platinum cured silicone dolls will last you ten years if they are cared for unlike the TPE sex dolls that can last for less than three years or so. Both types of sex dolls are on a large scale in today’s generation. Due to quality and durability, silicone dolls may be more expensive than the TPE dolls.

Sex Dolls VS Sex Workers

Why a Sex Doll?

A 45-year-old Japanese businessman by the names Masayuki Ozaki explains the reason why he decided to get his doll. It is because men are expected to have someone who can listen to them without necessarily grumbling when they get back home from work.  Like other men, despite being married for years, he has already found happiness in his artificial woman. It sounds odd that a man who has been married for more than ten years can find happiness and satisfaction with a doll that does not speak or move. However, women and men like Ozaki, allow their imaginations, fantasies, and dreams to help them create a partner and give their dolls a personality.  

Others like to have a doll on hand only when they need it for sex since people’s relationships end up failing for many reasons.

First, they may not like the dating scene which helps them look for a perfect match because they see that if the relationship fails it will lead to emotional stress, and they try to avoid that.

Some people get worried about the insecurity that comes along in relationships. In case a spouse can no longer physically engage in intimacy due to medical conditions, the partner can hence choose a sex dollar his or her stead, as opposed to cheating. They believe that sex dolls are a way to maintain that type of relationship before meeting one’s needs.

Men and women sought extra-marital lovers who eventually caused heartbreaks, broken homes which ended up in divorce. It makes one go for a sex doll to avoid such cases since happiness cannot be derived from cheating but maintaining a healthy relationship.

Sex Dolls VS Sex Workers

Sex Dolls Vs Sex Workers

Sex work is another form of sexual satisfaction, which now has risen to a whole new level of practice and has even raided massage parlors. The advantage of using a doll as a sex tool is that you will never get STD by using them, which can easily be contracted from sex workers. Daily sex has become monotony, and in three months, one can save enough for a decent quality sex doll to prevent all the shortcomings of having to do sex work. Personal and financial safety should be maintained to avoid losing relationships due to sex dolls and sex workers.

Many women and men who have different ages and statuses are buying sex dolls as a way to fulfill their sexual desires and fantasies as an option to a human sex worker. It is the reason why the TPE and silicone dolls are increasing and becoming more popular but remain controversial. Several manufacturers have gone as far as to experiment with incorporating artificial intelligence into their sex dolls.  

TPE sex dolls are from a Thermoplastic Elastomer material which is very popular for making sex toys because of its fair price, softness, and flexibility. The content is quite useful in making small detailed features like the labia, mouth, and nose that are a crucial part of a sex doll. TPE sex dolls are too soft to feel, and people believe that it’s like touching the human skin when you feel its softness. TPE material cannot be cleaned quickly; they easily stain and also tear faster. It is because it’s easy to afford than the platinum cure silicone which is expensive and of good quality.

Sex Dolls VS Sex Workers

Sex Dolls or Sex Workers?

Both, as some people would say. The reason is that they both offer sexual gratification. With both of them, you can have your ultimate sexual experience.

A sex doll has no feelings, it is agreeable, but the sexual experience is more or less the same. They have an added advantage since with them you cannot contract any sexually transmitted infections. Also, they are clean, and you can have unprotected sex with them. In case of an accident during sex, sex dolls cannot get hurt or pregnant, as it the case with the sex workers.

Sex workers are real human beings and can talk back at you, moan, and experience sexual pleasure with you. But you must use protection because they may make you contract sexually transmitted infections.

So, as to whether you should choose the sex worker or the sex doll, it is upon you to decide based on all weighty matters.

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