Sex doll Judy accompanied me through the lonely quarantine

Do you believe that a sex doll can change your life? Do you believe she will pull you out of the lonely abyss? Do you believe she will be your soul mate?

Sex doll Judy accompanied me through the lonely quarantine

My previous life

My name is Jim. I work in Pittsburgh and live the same life every day. My life is not a little fun. I am now 40 years old, and my life is like a mess. I can’t find the clue at all. Since I divorced my beloved wife a few years ago, I couldn’t find a suitable partner.

Especially with the recent outbreak of coronavirus, I must quarantine at home to protect my safety. I have no food and no friends. I no longer have any expectations for everything in life. I even want this virus to take my life away, but I am not willing to spread the virus to innocent people.

At 11:00 pm, I went home after a busy day in the office. My position has not been promoted for a long time, I repeat the same job day after day, and receive a salary that does not match my labor every month. I have discussed it with my boss for a long time, but there has been no result. My boss is very cold to me and unwilling to have more conversations with me about salary.

Sex doll Judy accompanied me through the lonely quarantine

Even late at night, the traffic was terrible. I squeezed into the last full subway. The people in the car were crowded with each other. The dull air made me unable to breathe. I finally got off the subway, but the pedestrians on the road hurriedly, and occasionally accompanied by a person mixed with alcohol perfume walked beside me, everything was nothing.

I walked downstairs to my house and looked at the dark windows of my room as if a monster could swallow me into the endless dark abyss at any time. Going up the stairs, pushing the door open, and looking at the darkroom, I turned on the light slowly, and it seemed a little brighter. There is no leftover food in the refrigerator, only a few cans of cold beer, and some eggs that have long expired, and some vegetables that have been completely dried are left.

The edges of the vegetable leaves have shown a yellowish color. This is my daily life before Judy didn’t come, but after Judy came to my house, my life changed dramatically!

Sex doll Judy accompanied me through the lonely quarantine

Five years ago, I sadly divorced my wife who had been in love for ten years. I tried dating after the divorce. After three years of dating with some women, I felt that I could not find a suitable partner. I felt that I could never find a woman like my wife again. Some time ago, the new coronavirus just spread, and many people were isolated at home. I accidentally saw a video about popular sex dolls. I expected that I would also need to be isolated at home, but I have no friends. How do I spend this long life?

Sex doll Judy accompanied me through the lonely quarantine

Judy brings me a wonderful experience

I decided to try this new doll, but what I don’t know is that this real sex doll will change my life.

In the early period of isolation, I bought Judy online. She is a mature sex doll. She looks exactly like a real person. I am amazed by her tender skin. She is like an angel, redeeming my soul from heaven. In the beginning, I used her to release the pressure at night. I didn’t have any feelings about it. It was a cold machine.

But after I started isolation, I felt a little special. I never thought that my relationship with Judy would soon develop into a mature relationship. She is like my wife, I can hardly stand the days without Judy. To be honest, I no longer want to live alone. We watch TV together. I dress her and do her laundry. We talked very well on the pillow.

Especially in the isolator, I live alone, I don’t have a girlfriend, my family is too far away from me, if I want to see them, I must risk being infected. I am very grateful to Judy for being able to accompany me.

Sex doll Judy accompanied me through the lonely quarantine

Whether I am cooking at home or doing fitness, Judy has always been with me. I even fantasize about traveling with her in the future, and we will spend a romantic holiday together. Some friends know that I am with a sex doll. They believe that I am crazy and do not believe that I have developed a mature relationship with a sex doll. But they could not understand how Judy changed my life, my mood and brought me happiness.

After sharing such a good time with Judy, I feel that I no longer need to find a girlfriend, nor do I need to experience bad experiences with a real woman. I no longer sleep hard at night and miss my wife.

She completely replaced the position of my ex-wife in my heart. I’m planning to add another high-quality sex doll to Judy so that she won’t feel lonely at home. Perhaps Judy will never replace a real woman, but she is the best thing that has happened to me. And I won’t spend other holidays alone, because I know Judy will be there.

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