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Sex Chair Vs Sex Chaise: What Should You Pick?

With the endless choice of gorgeous erotic furniture on the market, you can end up feeling mentally screwed. How do you choose the best piece for you?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help!

It’s obvious, right? You want a Liberator Esse chair that makes you as orgasmic as King Edward VII (1) was on his love chair during his time in Paris!

You already know that a chair and chaise can improve your sex life, now it’s time to improve your relationship by choosing which of these ultimate pieces of best sex furniture is for you!

So will it be a chair or chaise? You’re gonna love reading about these two to make your choice…

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What is a Sex Chair?

It’s a seat especially designed for f*cking! They come in various sizes. 

You can get a simple stool (excellent if you love queening chair sex) or a larger chair.

Erotic stools are excellent for screwing your favorite dildo.

 They’re also amazing if you love the “on-top” oral sex position hovering above your partner’s face. 

Sex chairs are amazing for seated love-making positions with your partner (see our Bondage Boutique Enhancer Review).

You’ll how these chairs blend in easily around the house. They’re sturdy, comfortable, and make erotic shenanigans more fun!

Check out our rundown of gorgeous sex chairs for all the saucy details.

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer ChairBondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair

What is a Sex Chaise?

Now, a chaise is different to a chair. Why? It comes down to brand, size, and how invested you are in discovering new sexual positions. 

Yes, a chair spices up your erotic life, but a chaise? Man, they sky-rocket it! (You can guess my personal preference!)

A chaise is a type of tantric chair that’s shaped like a chaise lounge. Yep, you got it, long enough to lay back on. A chaise is the height of sexual luxury. 

The best high-quality chaises are sturdy, comfortable, and are covered in easy-to-wash faux leather.

Blonde woman in dark lingerie on top of red Liberator Esse Chaise IIBlonde woman in dark lingerie on top of red Liberator Esse Chaise II

Into BDSM? Some come with clipping points for your favorite restraints. Perfect for bondage play!

Check out the best Liberator furniture guide here for the full lowdown on the best erotic furnishings.

The Pros & Cons: The Sex Chair Vs Chaise

The pros & cons are important. They’ll influence your decision. Let’s be honest, choosing which one you want comes down to how you prefer your orgasms.

The Chaise Pros:

  • You’ll get endless, different positions.

  • Easy, comfortable intimacy for you and your lover.

  • You get stability as well as total body support.

  • Amazing for couples who are older, plus-size, or who have mobility issues.

  • Moisture-proof material you’ll find easy to clean.

  • Love BDSM? Go for a chaise with clipping points so you can use your bondage gear.

The Chair Pros:

  • Great if you’re on a budget.

  • Amazing if you like queening oral.

  • Smaller and easier to store.

  • Perfect if you love screwing a sex toy in a seated position.

If you want cheap sexual furniture, also check out inflatable sex furniture which is hot A.F!


Choosing between a chair or chaise depends on what your sexual preferences are. If you want high-end furniture with easy assembly and total comfort the chaise is absolute heaven. If space or budget is an issue, consider a dildo stool or sex bench instead.

Either way? Both will give you hotter, wetter, and better lovemaking!



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