Piper Doll Reveals New Silicone 130cm Aika Sex Doll

On December 1, 2021, Piper Doll revealed their newest silicone 130cm B-cup sex doll, Aika. Initially, Mizuwali (the owner of Piper Doll) teased some photos and asked his Twitter followers for possible name suggestions. There were many suggestions but ultimately “Aika” was the winner. Piper’s new doll, Aika, has a cute and young face similar to that of Akira, Eirian, and Phoebe, which matches well with her body. Similar to other Piper Dolls, she has a seamless neck, attractive body, and soft silicone material. This adorable, Japanese-inspired doll will surely win the hearts of many people.

Piper Doll 130cm B-cup Aika

Recently, Mizuwali has worked on reducing the weight of his new dolls. Although the specifications have not been revealed yet, this could be lighter than previous models. The 130cm height alone should make her quite manageable. Although the price is a little high, I believe Aika will be a hot seller. The cute face and body match up very well, and her figure is both realistic and curvy. Mizuwali delivers yet again with another banger. More photos and info coming soon.

6ye 150cm b cup china sex doll misa
6ye 150cm b cup china sex doll misa

Aika is coming soon to any vendors that carry Piper Doll. We recommend TheDollChannel, Dollto-China, and SexDolls-Shop. View our full list of trusted vendors here.

Thoughts on the new Piper Doll 130cm B-cup Aika doll? Comment below!

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