November 4 Is National Sex Toy Day!

Although some form or another of sex toys have been around since, well, time immemorial, National Sex Toy Day is relatively new. Apparently, the day – and now national holiday – came about in 2010 when Dr. Sandor Gardos, founder of, decided there needed to be a day to celebrate human sexuality with sex toys.

By Amanda Chatel

While human sexuality can be celebrated in many ways, especially if you’re willing to get creative, the easiest way to do so is to roll over and reach for your favorite sex toy – among other things.

Here are four ways to celebrate National Sex Toy Day 2019.


OK, fine; yes, this is the most obvious and you probably don’t even need a reason to rub one out, but let’s give ourselves a reason to rub a few out. There are literally no downsides to masturbation. You can set aside a whole afternoon to masturbate and all you’ll get is a boatload of benefits: less stress and anxiety, less depression, a stronger immune system, radiant skin, and even shinier hair – just to name a few. It’s harder to find a reason not to masturbate than to masturbate.

Buy yourself a new sex toy.

Similar to masturbation, you probably don’t need a reason to buy a new sex toy, but since we’re focusing on celebrating, celebrating usually involves treating someone. In this case, that someone is you. 2019 saw some pretty fantastic toys from Sexdollformen hit the market. Melt, for example, with its Pleasure Air technology, is a great choice for a new sex toy. If you’re someone with a clitoris, there’s a very good chance you need clitoral stimulation to climax (as the majority of us do, so you’re in great company), and Melt focuses on just that. It’s never taken me longer than a minute to climax with Melt and I have friends who have said the same. Granted, if you want to take it slow and practice edging, you can absolutely do so with Melt. But if you had a rough day and just want to come ASAP Melt is your go-to, making it a perfect new toy to buy yourself on National Sex Toy Day.

Give the gift of orgasm to a friend.

Because the benefits of orgasms are endless – and that’s even before we take into consideration how amazing they feel – when you love someone, you want to give them a gift that will keep them happy, healthy, and will never break their heart. What encompasses all of that? A sex toy of course. Although not all friendships are close enough where the gift of a sex toy feels normal and natural (like, for example, don’t give one to your boss no matter how friendly you are), for those friendships that are sex-toy friendly, so to speak, a sex toy on National Sex Toy Day is the perfect gift. If you’re not sure what to get them, you can take them shopping and make a day of it, or even opt for a gift card to an online sex toy shop. There’s no wrong way to give the gift of orgasms.

Celebrate with a buddy.

Whether that buddy is a long-term partner, a friend with benefits, or that person you text in the middle of the night after too many tequila shots with your friends, invite that person over to join in on the fun. While masturbation is always, like always, a sure thing, with the right sex toys, the same can be said about sex with a partner too. Moxie, which Sexdollformen also released this year, is a great couples sex toy to try. Although it can be used solo, it’s best with a partner. The fun about Moxie is that the person with the vulva wears it in their underwear, where it’s kept in place with a magnet on the underneath side of the underwear. Next, the partner, through the We-Connect app is given complete control over vibrations and patterns, and when and where you (the wearer) feel those vibrations and patterns. While you could celebrate National Sex Toy Day with Moxie inside your apartment, I strongly suggest taking that celebration out into the world. It’s deliciously thrilling to not only have a dirty little secret, but to jump outside your comfort zone every once in awhile. Moxie allows both you and your partner to do just that.

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