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For some reason, the parenting abilities of LGBT couples continue to come under scrutiny. There are all sorts of compelling arguments from the opposition—only a mother and a father can properly raise a child (sorry, single parents). Gay parents turn kids gay (you know, just like straight parents turn kids straight). The list goes on and on.

Thankfully, science and reason has once again championed the day. Children of gays are a-okay, according to all sorts of scientific studies. And, in some cases, they actually have the advantage over boring old hetero families.

No surprise pregnancies means gay couples have their family act together.
Unless there are some astounding medical breakthroughs in the near future, monogamous gay couples are always going to have to plan well in advance for their babies. This means they’re ready and prepared to care for a child, which is more than can be said for many straight people who fall into family life on accident. You won’t find many gay couples leaving their babies on the firehouse steps.

Additionally, gay couples are more likely to adopt children rather than have them biologically. Hundreds of thousands of children are available for adoption at any given time, especially from countries outside the U.S. Gay and lesbian parents might give Brad and Angelina a run for their money in terms of adopting minority babies.

Children of LGBT couples generally don’t grow up to be jerks. 
Studies have shown that children with gay or lesbian parents have grown up to feel more open and accepting. They’re also less inclined to feel restrained by gender roles, so they’re more comfortable with who they are, even if that means being a little different.

Basically, Sally with two moms is probably going to be a way cooler, progressive person than Timmy over there with his opposite sex parents.

Kids with two moms get worshiped twice as much.
Research indicates that being raised by two mothers results in a more confident, self-assured child. This is likely due to the fact that same sex families are more open to communication between the ranks, so children have a better grasp of expressing themselves honestly.

Plus, imagine if your doting mom was cloned and could be in two places at once, showering you with twice the love and affection. You’d feel pretty great about yourself too.

So, as it turns out, gay and lesbian couples aren’t monsters after all. They’re kind, nurturing, capable parents who experience the ups and downs of family life just like any other couple. That can include sacrificing parts of their sex life, as children tend to slow things down in the bedroom, which is unfortunate, but all is not lost. There are ways to spice up every gay bedroom. Parents need sex toys too, just don’t leave your strap-ons and prostate massagers down where the kids can find them.