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Step aside blowjobs, hand jobs, foot jobs and tit jobs – because there’s a new ‘job’ in town, and it might just take the crown as your favorite yet! Say hello to the (not so humble) thigh job.

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And yes, whatever image is floating around in your head right now is probably about right. A thigh job basically involves fucking a partner (with a penis) using your thighs. It’s that simple, and it really is delightful.


What stands out about the thigh job is its versatility; there are a ton of different positions you can try and a world of ways to switch things up and introduce something new.

If this is something you’ve never experienced before, it’s definitely one to add to your sex bucket list.

Fancy giving it a try? Here are a few tips to make sure your thigh job experience is the best it can be for both of you!

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How to do a thigh job?

Don’t skimp on the lube

Obviously, your thighs are not going to provide any lubrication, so similarly to titty fucking or anything else non-vaginal, you’re best off making sure to lube up well for maximum enjoyment.

Don’t hold back with the lube, grab your favorite one, and honestly, the more, the better – it’s very hard to overdo it.

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Think of it as similar to intercourse

Once you are in position (we’ll cover this more in just a moment), simply move up and down in a way that simulates the movement of the penis during vaginal sex. 

If you’re finding this a little difficult, it might be time to add some more lube (like we said – don’t be shy here!) or try out a different position.

Teasing before a thigh job

Bounce with caution

It’s worth noting that in some positions, pinching your partners balls or tugging a little *too* hard could be a risk (after all, your thighs are powerful AF). 

Don’t be afraid to get carried away, but do keep an eye out for their balls to avoid any potentially painful side-effects of your new adventure. 

As ever, communication is key here!

Get creative

Thigh jobs (or any of the other jobs for that matter) are a great opportunity to think outside of the box a little. 

Now is the time to get messy with foods like whipped cream, or different kinds of lube or orgasm gel to heighten the variety of sensations. 

Since these substances won’t be coming into contact with your vagina, the risk of infections or pH issues are reduced. 

Switch up the positions

Ok, this is all well and good, but how exactly is best to position myself for a thigh job, you may be wondering. 

Well, actually, there isn’t a firm answer here and as with any kind of sex, there are a variety of positions you can experiment with until you find your personal preference. 

You could try out cowgirl or reverse cowgirl positions in which you close your legs around your partner’s penis and bounce up and down. 

Or why not let them take the lead and opt for a thigh job in missionary (which is a lot like dry humping) or a spooning position. 

Essentially, the possibilities are endless – so have fun trying out a range of positions until you find one that you both love (after all, half of the fun is in experimenting together!)

Thick thighs save lives

Have you ever given or received a thigh job? What do you think and what would your top tips be? 

Or if you’ve never given it a go before, would you like to? Let us know in the comments!

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