Irokebijin Reveals New 140cm Silicone Akane Sex Doll

On September 8, 2021, SEXDOLLFORMEN owner of Irokebijin, revealed a new 140cm version of the popular 90cm Akane doll. The 140cm version is noticably taller with similar proportions, and is currently only available in silicone.

Note: Originally this was revealed as the 135cm Silicone Akane. However, after discovering a mistake in measurements, Sexdollformen revised her height to 140cm. This post was updated to reflect the changes.


Sex dolls under 130cm in height are now forbidden in many countries, including the US. We STRONGLY recommend not ordering such dolls. That is why, at SEXDOLLFORMEN, we ONLY sell 100% legal sex dolls. All the sex dolls, including the ones that we call “mini sex dolls”, you can find on our website are higher than 4 feet 7 inches (140cm) so you can buy in total confidence.

Here are the advantages of small love dolls between 140 and 150cm :

  • A small sex doll is easier to hide!

Some of sex doll buyers are actually married or in a couple. They don’t live alone. A small sex doll is easier to hide. You can hide her in the cardboard we used for delivery.

  • A small sex doll is easier to carry!

Because they are smaller, they are lighter. It is something you should take into consideration if you need to often take her upstairs or downstairs.

  • And is cheaper!

A small sex doll is usually cheaper, not only because of her size itself but also because the shipping cost (which is related to the gross weight of the package) is cheaper.

Even if they are not small, their sexual orifices (vagina / anal holes) are deep. They actually have the same depth (about 7 inches / 17cm) as the sexual orifices of tall dolls.

You can find below all our small sex dolls from 4 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 11 inches :

Irokebijin 140cm Silicone Akane

Silicone doll Akane
Silicone doll Akane

Judging from SEXDOLLFORMEN Twitter comments in the past, he has been quite conscious about doll weight lately. Perhaps, this is why he has focused on creating smaller dolls. For example, the Akane is upscaled from 90cm to 140cm, while in the past, he upscaled the 80cm Shiori to 140cm. He also downscaled the Silicone Eirian when in the past, he upscaled his TPE to silicone creations. It is likely that his smaller doll trend (such as the SAF dolls) will continue because of weight concerns.

As for the 140cm Silicone Akane, she looks just as cute and pretty as the 90cm version. Her trademark and curvy body are still present, and now she’s even better for cuddling. I think we can also expect an Abby head for this body in the future as well. Akane and anime fans will love this new doll. I believe she may become Mizuwali’s most popular full-sized silicone doll once she’s released.

How to Clean the TPE Sex doll

Tried on a new piece of clothing, or put on a wig with a black wig mesh and now you have a stain you cannot remove? Been there, done that, and we have the solution to boot!

Here are two helpful ways that we have to get rid of some of the stains on these beautiful TPE models.

  1. Stain Removal Wipes

These are medium- to aggressive-strength wipes that have a special solvent in the wipe that will help the skin release whatever pigment(s) are locked in the TPE itself. We recommend using this as a resort for anything that isn’t too severe, or if there is a large area to cover. Multiple applications may be necessary.

  1. Stain Removal CreamIf the TPE is stained deep, due to a fabric or wig stain, then it may be too late for the stain removal wipes which just act on the surface. Instead, try the strain removal cream which gets applied directly on top of the stained area(s), allowed to dry and can then be wiped off. Multiple applications may be necessary.

The stains that do not get removed from our TPE Stain Removal Wipes can be dealt with by applying a small amount of the cream to the area softly then gently and smoothly rubbing it on the area. After which remove the cream with a soft cloth and warm water. It may need the cream again and we can’t guarantee it will remove ALL stains but it is extremely powerful and results are remarkable.

You can find Irokebijin dolls at Sexdollformen.

Thoughts on the new Irokebijin 135cm Silicone Akane? Comment below!

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