I Will Not Try To Overuse Real Sex Dolls Today

When I recovered the excess tpe from the neck of the real sex doll, I cut a pair of skates near the top of the neck tube, so I did not touch the outer area. The challenge now is to get her in a good position to start processing TPE parts because my doll doesn’t have a flat elevated surface to place. Maybe I can put things together. Everything looks good, remember to slow down and keep talking for a few days.

When I first tried it, I was tempted to move on because I could see it running, but it would be best to do it for a while and then leave it for a while, it seemed like a viable approach. Looking again at the tearing of the armpit, I may get enough TPE from my neck, but I need to take it carefully to avoid damaging my neck.

I’ve thought a lot about it, and it’s important not to be hasty. If I did something wrong, please correct me, but I assume that it may be important for TPE real sex dolls to heal for a while, even if your work is not too far away. I won’t try to overuse it today, but at least try to fill the deepest part of my tears. I will update the thread with more pictures as soon as possible.

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