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From buying sex toys to giving bodacious blow jobs, I have the info to rock your world! However, sometimes it’s nice to slow things down from wild and crazy to candles and roses… So let’s romance it up! I have been asking around for days to get some ideas of how to romance a woman for this week’s blog and I am pleasantly surprised to find that no two are alike! So…I have taken these stories and posted them for everyone to see the awesome power of love! Ha ha, but seriously… We are now a month away from Valentine’s Day and I figure why not go right to the source of what woman want and what men think they want before this national holiday of lovin’! Love is in the air, so lets make sure it’s being taken full advantage of and romance the shit out of the ones we love.

Being Shmoozed:

When I see my man playing guitar on stage I am already completely romanticized! I get into a sort of daze… When he makes eye contact with me I almost loose myself in the butterflies (This still happens after two years!)! I feel like the luckiest woman in the world… Then of course after the set he makes sure all the ladies know he is mine by keeping his hand on my shoulder all night and getting me tipsy before he takes me home. That’s where I take control and let the romance flow til morning! Long story short, a man who can play guitar knows the way to this girl’s heart! <3 Meg

Meet Mr. CharmingGuys! Follow his example! Trust me! I’m a girl… And we eat this stuff up whether we admit it or not! 🙂

For valentine’s day one year with an old girlfriend, I put a bunch of rose pedals on the floor in her bedroom and all over her bed. I had also put a teddy bear with a card and an open box with a ring on the bed surrounded by the rose pedals. When I picked her up for dinner, I showed up with red and white roses and took her back to my house to cook her favorite meal.  <3 Jake

Flirty Fantasy

My dream romancing night: I would love to come home to a trail of rose petals leading to the door, and inside more petals and a candle lit path leading to a hot bath surrounded by candles and petals floating in the water. Then for my man to sneak up behind me and blind fold me, then slowly kiss my hand and continue kissing up to my neck whispering sweet nothings in my ear while slowly and passionately undressing me. Then, I’d want him to carry me into the bathroom and place me in the water. Then, inching into the tub behind me, he would start massaging my shoulders and kissing me sensually along my neck and shoulders. Still blind folded, he would help me out of the tub and wrap me in a towel and lead me to our bedroom, lay me down on the bed and graze my skin with his finger tips as he holds me close. <3 Alaura

Simply LovingSeriously… I don’t care what kind of girl you are, THIS would be awesome!!!

I want to be bought flowers for no other reason then they love me! I just want him to surprise me with something planned that took time to put together. It makes me feel special that I was on their mind! <3 Alene

Summer Nights

A romantic dinner under a nice warm summer night under the stars with some fishing poles and a cold beer. <3 Monti

Okay… So now I have to finish up with a story of my own… I am going to call this one The Real Story of Happily Ever After.

They met in a bar that she wasn’t even old enough to be in on a night he wasn’t supposed to be there.He went home that night and told his mother, “I think I just met the woman I’m going to marry…”. That was Saturday. He called her on Wednesday and they went on their first date that Friday night. It was March when they met, April when they moved in together, July when he asked her to spend the rest of their lives together and August when they said, “I do”. Fate had worked it’s magic and brought two people together that were meant to live happily ever after with one another for the rest of eternity. Seeing these two people together you can’t help but notice how much they love and cherish each other. I base my opinion of the term “Soul Mate” entirely on what they are to each other. I can’t stop getting all emotional as I write this, just like every time I hear it or tell it. This is the story I played out with my Barbies and fell asleep to with butterflies in my stomach as a little girl. It will always be my favorite fairytale not only because it’s one of a kind, but it’s the love story I grew up witnessing. These two loving people are my parents and I can only hope one day I will be as happy as they are together! Almost twenty-three years spent together and they still are just as in love as they ever have been. Thanks for being my fairytale Mom and Dad! <3  

These have been stories given to me by friends and family that I trust will give you some idea of how crazy love is! Romance is definitely not the same for every person, but everyone has an idea of what it is to them (for example, my favorite romance moment in my love life was when my boyfriend and I had a tea party while cuddling and watching Star Wars! Ha ha!)! You don’t have to be mushy-gushy to be romantic… Just thoughtful! 🙂 It’s true what John Lennon said… All you need is love! <3

*Thank you to everyone who supplied me with the stories I needed for this blog! You guys are the best! <3





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