I Am Dealing With A Loose Head Of A Real Sex Doll

I don’t think that’s right, so I’m dealing with a loose head of a real sex doll. I haven’t tried Emma’s head. Not sure if it is related to the screw. I took the screws with me and went to buy a washing machine to make sure I got the right one. This seems to work. I want the washing machine to hold her head in place, not to tip over. Now figure out how to continue wearing a wig. This is a bit annoying whenever I want to move her or try to pose.

It is unclear how to resolve the issue. Rubber washers usually work better than metal washers (in my experience) … Having said that, a bit of tape (plumber tape, white elastic item) can also help. As for the wig, did you use the internal clip that tightened the wig correctly? Are there videos or tutorials for wigs? Maybe I didn’t make internal clips on the wig. This is my first real sex doll, and I will stay with her for a week tomorrow.

So I’m still learning things. Regarding the installation of wigs, you will find some useful video tutorials on youtube. The small hook on the back is designed to be clipped to the material band on the back of the wig, which also ensures that the wig grips the head. Most real sex dolls factory-made wigs are very suitable, but any wigs taken elsewhere need to be adjusted and may be as tight as possible. Obviously, larger doll heads can better wear ordinary wigs. I think I found myself doing it wrong.

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