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Do you have your eye on a girl yet aren’t sure how you can lock lips with her? Or perhaps you just want to get a quick kiss for some random girl.

Don’t worry, since you’re one among the many who are facing the same problem.

In fact, it’s not unusual that lots of guys miss out on their chances to kiss the girls that they’ve been aiming for. Even those who are used to this kind of thing aren’t safe from mistakes.

But if you’ve got little to no experience, then it’s only normal that you’re clueless and afraid to make the wrong move.

In addition, you might not even be able to tell when women give the cue that they’re ready to smooch.

With that said, this guide should help point you in the right direction and teach you how to trick a girl into kissing you.

man tricked a girl to kiss himman tricked a girl to kiss him

Here are 11 easy tips we’ve gathered so you can make out in no time at all.


1. Look Kissable To Her

To trick a girl to kiss you, you must, first of all, appear kissable to her. Cause if she doesn’t find you appealing, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort just to make her turn your way.

Thankfully though, you don’t have to look like a million bucks to be decent in her eyes.

Simply be thoroughly clean and hygienic with your body and clothes. Also, keep in mind that a shaved face is way better than having a long beard.


2. Challenge Her

Although they enjoy being pursued, women love the excitement of challenges too. This is clearly reflected in their persistence of wanting to reform bad boys.

In light of that, you can use this stubbornness of theirs to your advantage. All you got to do is challenge her in something that you’re sure to win.

For example, choose a game you’re confident in, and make a bet that the loser has to grant the winner’s wish. Which is a kiss.


3. Play A Game With Her

Whether you’re meeting outside or at home, you can play games to set up the perfect moment to trick a girl to kiss you.

One-on-one games with tons of skin contact like wrestling or twister are great indoors.

Meanwhile, drinking games like never have I ever, or king’s cup, are good even when you’re in a group.

Not to mention these games can get naughty in the blink of an eye.


4. Drink Alcohol With Her

If you want her to quickly loosen up and be down to party, the best method is to invite her to drink with you.

Alcohol is undoubtedly the finest wingman and will do the heavy lifting to get you two close real fast. It won’t even take too long for her to relax.

And above all, she’ll want to kiss you after a while as it’s been proven that alcohol makes people horny.

Alcool is also one of the best ways to trick a girl to sleep with you.


5. Make Her Feel Safe

Nothing ruins a good mood, quite like being anxious and nervous.

Due to this, a girl who’s uncomfortable and worried will be afraid to let down her guard. For this reason, it’s crucial that you ensure that she feels safe before you try anything.

Don’t be pushy, and let her warm up to you little by little. She’ll appreciate your patience and will be more open to making out with you.


6. Form A Connection

Most often than not, women are weak in their emotions. They can’t help it.

It’s why they tend to follow their hearts, even when their heads are saying no. The Conversation’s article verifies this as many studies found out that women are more emphatic than men.

Based on this, your rate of tricking a girl into kissing you is certainly higher if you form a connection with her.


7. Build Up Sexual Tension

Any technique you pull won’t have the ideal effect if you randomly approach her. You must first build up the sexual tension between you two for something to happen.

This will take a bit of time since it can only develop naturally. Moreover, aside from words, you’ll also have to use body language to draw her in.

A few of the things you should do is mirror her and stay as near as possible.


8. Create The Right Mood

It goes without saying that establishing the right mood is important to every type of romantic or sexual attempt.

How vital is it? The girl you’re into will dodge your advances like fire if you don’t create the mood. Plus, you’ll come off as a weirdo that she’ll never want to see again.

Hence, you should never forget that mood plays a part in your success in kissing her.


9. Flirt With Her

A way to make her conscious of your charms is to flirt with her.

Start by giving compliments, but avoid cliches to stand out. Say something flattering regarding her clothes or hair instead of focusing on her face.

Then slowly touch her knee or arm to signal your attraction. However, don’t give it your all to make her chase you and trick a girl to kiss you.


10. Don’t Show Hesitation

While many women may not be proud to admit it, but alpha males are definitely a hit with them. And one of the most attractive traits of an alpha man is that they don’t show hesitation.

Of course, guys are only human and probably panic as well. Yet, the key here is to hide all your uncertainties and let the ladies know that you’re in control.

This will drive them wild for your lips and more.


11. Look At Her Lips

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. In your situation, they should be signages directly pointing to your desires – her lips.

Being upfront like this will not only make her think about you wanting to kiss her. But it will also make her imagine kissing you, even if she wasn’t thinking of it earlier.

You’re basically tricking her mind into wanting to kiss you.


How To Get A Girl’s Kiss And Make Out With Her

Getting from “hello” to a kiss seems impossible when you don’t know the ins and outs of dealing with women. What’s more, figuring it out through trial and error isn’t a pleasant feeling.

Luckily for you, with the tips we’ve listed above, you should be able to score despite your inexperience. Keep practicing, and you’ll be kissing girls with ease pretty soon.

Just remember to make her want you, and she’ll be in the palm of your hand.


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